Time to Change: A Guide to Life After Greed

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Wealth has come to be the greatest talent in our eyes and success is now measured by currency bills.

Seven signs of the Greed Syndrome

An individual who excludes all affairs but the economical ones from his day-to-day struggle cannot adhere to the natural laws of life. Moral excellence may be compared to strong engines which function properly.

The authentic aim of life is to achieve spirituality. Spirituality is the most important and valuable matter which man can achieve. He who keeps his soul confined to spiritual treasures seldom needs this world, for he gains spiritual satisfaction in the shadow of spirituality which accompanies him for the rest of his life. Such an individual would not exchange his spiritual wealth for material gains under any conditions.

Coveting the belongings of others is a psychological state that forces the individual to pursue materialism in a matter that makes material gains an axis on which the mind rotates. Material inclination arises from uncontrollable greed.

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Because of the imaginary happiness that it creates, greed is considered a factor which brings misery into the lives of men. As a result man disregards everything and sacrifices all moral traits in his quest towards gathering wealth until finally the feelings of want become rooted deep in his soul.

Some people are satisfied with small amounts of money that meet their necessities while others com-plain about their unhappiness despite their abundant wealth which vastly surpasses their needs.

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Therefore, everyone has certain limits to his wants by which he fulfills his hopes. Yet, when man experiences difficulties on this path he complains and may give up. Wealth is like salt water the more you drink the thirstier you become.


Secrecy, Self-Dealing, and Greed at the N.R.A.

Indeed, the greedy will never be satisfied with all the sustenance of the world just as fire burns all the fuel that it is given!! When greediness rules a nation, it transforms its social life into a field of disputes and dissention in the place of justice, security and stability. Naturally, in such a society moral excellence and spirituality do not stand a chance.

It should be noted, however, that there is a great difference between money worship and the desire for advancement, including that of material features. Hence, it is important to draw a line between these two aspects for there is no righteous justification preventing human societies from seeking advancement and excellence in the shadows of nature and talents. The endeavor of the greedy creates a chain of miseries for his society, for he intends to acquire his lusts with unjust methods including methods which may bring poverty to others. One who covets seizes the sources of wealth in order to acquire more for himself and consequently creating acute economical problems.

Some people claim that wealth is a source that fulfills many desires, so they give it their greatest attention. In fact, it is the poor who have excelled in the most honorable and greatest fields in history. Writers, inventors and scientists were mainly from the poor class. Furthermore, vast wealth is destructive to many people.

Fear and Greed: A History

For example, when youth inherit large sums of money they generally disregard all avenues of education and knowledge drowning themselves in sin and lusts because they feel no need for work or development. Once a wealthy man visited a famous Greek philosopher. The latter did not trust the wealthy man so he did not make any special arrangements for his visit. The philosopher said to the wealthy man:. I do not need servants to protect me, for I fear no-one including Caesar.

Because you are dependent on others you will always be poor. I possess reason, satisfaction and the freedom to think instead of gold and silver, while you waste your time thinking about silver plates. All that which you possess is worthless to me, but what I possess is abundant for you will never fulfill all your hopes and wants, hut my needs are always fulfilled by using my reason. Surely everyone should rely on knowledge and not on gold and silver; for only the ignorant rely on them. Everyone who enters this world shall experience a portion of both regardless of his material condition.

According to Socrates many individuals do not possess money, gems, fancy garments, or palaces, yet their lives are a thousand times happier than the lives of the wealthy. Surely the greedy is a humiliated, poor slave to the world and its money. He has surrendered his neck to the chains of wealth and has submitted to immature thoughts.

The greedy imagines that his wealth, which is enough for generations of his descendants, is not but a reserve for his gloomy days. Only when the bells of danger and death ring does a greedy man realizes his mistakes. When the bell rings to announce the final seconds of his life, he looks at his wealth, for which he has wasted all his life, with sorrow and disappointment knowing that it is useless to him in his grave-the grave to which he carries sorrows for the many errors he has committed throughout his life.

Along with its call upon people to struggle and advance Islam included a strong warning against fanatical adherence to materialism. Islam declares that such adherence deprives man from seeking the real goal of life, the eternal happiness. Imam al-Baqir a. The more silk that it spins around itself, the less of a chance it has to survive until it finally suffocates itself.

In America and in most other countries, there are two legal systems: one for ordinary citizens, who can be arrested for smoking a joint or protesting in the wrong place, and another for the wealthy. The only question is, why do people put up with such a bifurcated justice system? If the effects of burning fossil fuels are known, why are those in power predominately climate change deniers who insist it is a hoax concocted by the Chinese? It goes far beyond political advertising.

Greed vs. Ambition: How to Know the Difference

It includes a network of so-called think tanks who dutifully report what they are paid to report by their benefactors — the fossil fuel industry. It includes major influence over alternative news channels and websites that are paid handsomely to spread the gospel according to the Koch Brothers.

The list of fake research organizations includes the Heritage Foundation and the Heartland Institute. The tentacles of the fossil fuel industry stretch deep into the evangelical movement as well. It supports institutions like Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee. Donald Trump was the beneficiary of a groundswell of support from the evangelical Christian community in the last election. In fact, they may have been the difference that put Trump in the White House.

The Constitution says that Americans are free to worship any way they wish.

The human race is headed for extinction, but no one is willing to do anything about it. Websites like CleanTechnica can inform us, but if the voters continue to elect climate deniers, we are well and truly screwed. There is no way to sugarcoat this. We must unite to defend ourselves from the brutality and inhumanity of the fossil fuel industry. We must put a price on carbon. We must slash the amount of carbon emissions going into the atmosphere.

Even if we stopped all emissions tomorrow, the warming of the planet would continue for decades. Our only realistic hope is to stop pumping the atmosphere full of carbon and find a way to remove some of the carbon that is already there. But he is wrong. We are doomed and there is no other way to say it.

The truth is that the earth is in the process of becoming uninhabitable by human beings.

HOW TO EFFICIENTLY DO YOUR DAILIES! #1 (Beginner's Guide) - LifeAfter

As a species, we are headed for extinction. Humanity has sown the seeds of its own destruction. Perhaps the legend of The Flood is true and the earth we know today is really Earth 2. Perhaps a million years from now, after the earth has had a chance to heal itself, Earth 3. Maybe by then humans will have learned not to poison the one place in the entire universe that sustains them.

But if history is any guide, the odds of that happening are not very encouraging. The United States is closing 46 coal-fired generating units at 25 electricity plants across 16 states over the next few years , transitioning to natural gas or intentionally closing them, and a new report shows that this will likely result in eliminating about 30 million tons of annual coal demand by the end of The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis IEEFA published its new research brief last week, working step-by-step through the implications inherent in the expected coal-fired generating closures over and the full list can be seen at the bottom.

The brief concludes that the expected closures will eliminate about Coal producers in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming and Montana, and those in the Illinois Basin are expected to be the hardest hit — with two thirds of the expected annual demand losses predicted to stem from those two coal regions. Additionally, those with operations in Appalachia and the Uinta Basin of Utah will continue to be affected, having already suffered loss of demand.

Is greed good? Read these 50 quotes to find out.

As for individual coal producers, Peabody Energy and Cloud Peak Energy are both expected to suffer the most. Cloud Peak Energy will suffer losses of 4. By the end of , the plant closures detailed in this report will amount to a net capacity by figures of 16 gigawatts GW , or approximately 5. These closures represent what the IEEFA believes is a long-term trend that will only likely continue.

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