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B46 1AL. It would be great if there was a story set in a dog park. I hope there are more stories coming. If I could change one thing about one of my favourite books, I would change the amount of tension there was in the complication. The complication could have been more detailed and longer to emphasise how important it was.

The characters could have kept falling into traps before tackling "the real challenge". Instead of having Ben successfully escaping from his father in the forest, and not hearing anymore from him, Ben could have been stuck with his father and somehow manage to teach his father that his evil stealing habits are wrong, and then his father could have helped both of them get back home. After that, his father could repent his crimes and say sorry for everything he's done. Then the story would end with a reformed father, a kind mother, a successful son and a playful daughter all living together in one house peacefully, without a thought of worry for their father.

For example, I have recently rediscovered my love for the Horse Mad series by Kathy Helidoniotis when I read the last and longest book in the series, Horse Mad Forever , though after I had finished it I wished it would go on and on or at least there be another book in the series.

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I also sometimes read a book and really like it and then wish I could read the same book again but with change in some certain events in the story. One book character I would not want to meet would be Draco Malfoy, but I like how he is written. Rowling did a great job of making him into a character who feels real and nasty. I also didn't like him because he isn't very smart and at the end of the book he nearly flunks out of school. Also because he wasn't very fair on Greg when he had a party, he said if he didn't help him clean up, he would tell the world what happened on the school holidays.

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He was also selfish, annoying and bossy. Scribblehopper is rude and bossy and never listens to Geronimo. Mr Indigo — he tries to take the lemurs away from their homes. The trouble is as much as Hiccup hates Alvin, me as the reader actually likes him. I think for a character no one likes Alvin is actually pretty good. I do like the way Bonnie Bryant describes her actions though.

Valente, because she was cruel and wicked, and killed Fairies and other creatures if she didn't particularly like what they were doing.

I winced and got a little afraid whenever I saw the word "the Marquess" in the book. I think that Catherynne described the character of the Marquess so well that I really hated her. I think that the least likeable main character who is suppose to the hero is Harry potter in the Order of the Phoenix. This is because in this book he thinks more of himself then he does of his friends. He seems to be always snooping on other peoples business and makes everyone feel sorry for him even though his life is not too bad.

I think that the writer did this because it reflects what a real teenager can act like. He is horrid because he never washes and always attempts murder on the unfortunate Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire orphans. He always is the meanest, so this makes him the most unlikeable person ever!

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He tortured a young slave in the story. He lied to her and even forced her to steal from the King. The author portrayed him as a nasty, bossy and impatient master. February What did you read over the summer holidays? Which is a book based at a boys detention centre near Port Arthur in I have read lots and lots of books over the school holidays, mostly Saddle Club books and horsey books with a few others in between. I liked how well it was written, how interesting it was, and how the words painted a picture in my head.

This is a very suspenseful and intriguing book. At the start, everything is perfectly normal, but then the strangest things happen and the characters are on the edge of survival. December What books are you hoping to receive this Christmas? I am hoping to receive the full collection of Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and I am hoping to get all of the EJ 12 books and a little bit of the next book; and I also want a Picturepedia book and I also would like a book called " facts".

I am hoping that Santa will surprise me with lots of unexpected new books as I am always looking for new things to read. November If you could have your favourite author over for dinner what would you say to them? If I had Susannah Macfarlane over for dinner she writes EJ books I would ask her how she came up with the idea and then I would ask her if she wants me to help write the next EJ book.

After that I would say: do you want to set up your sleeping bag?

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And my spy name would be SH12 and then I would ask her if she wants to play Monopoly. What is you favourite book you have made with Terry? Has you bum ever gone psycho? Do you speak another language? I would also tell him that I love his books and I would ask him if he is going to write any more. I really like your historical fiction books because I learn a lot when I read them and they are always very interesting.

What inspired you to write the books that you do? How long does it normally take you to write one of your historical fiction books? Do you enjoy writing books? I would tell her what I like and dislike about the books of her that I have read.

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How long does it normally take you to write books about Tilly and Magic? How do feel when you are writing the books? How many competitions have you entered? How do you feel about competition? Do you have a favourite horse that you have ridden? I love the Saddle club books, the Pine Hollow books and the Saddle Club Super editions that you write because they include all my favourite genres: Real life kind of stories, horses, friendship and romance.

I even act out the books being different characters at different times.

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How long does it normally take to write the books about Carole, Stevie and Lisa? Do you enjoy writing the Saddle Club? What gave you the idea to write the Saddle Club? Do you ride horses a lot? The list goes on and on about the questions I could ask those authors. If I spent a whole day with them I might not have time to ask all my questions!!!

If I had an author over for dinner it has to be Jack Heath. I would make him a satay, with fresh herbs from my garden. I would like to show him my backyard, my lizard and my lego collection. I would also show him my big collection of books but i wouldn't need him to sign any because he already has! I would ask him what type of story he likes writing best, and when is the new cut out book coming out? Over dinner we might chat about what his favourite place to be and if he would let me spend the day with him writing a book.

I would have David Walliams over for dinner because of his intelligent, hilarious and interesting books such as Mr Stink, Demon Dentist, Billionaire Boy and lots more. I would ask him where he gets his original ideas from. I would also ask him where he gets his crazy jokes from, so that I can start originating jokes as well. October In the theme of Halloween tell us if you could be invisible or a ghost for a day what would you do? If I was invisible I would go and sneak onto a airplane heading for Brazil. When I get there I would sneak off the plane and sneak into a car heading for the statue Christ the Redeemer and I would take picture of it from every angle and then I would sneak back into another car that is heading for the airport but I will get off halfway through the voyage and go to a restaurant for tea and sneak the food.

I would then go on a boat on the Amazon River and then another boat to go to Galapagos Islands and hopefully that takes less than a day. I would ride my hobby-horse Starlight on trails everywhere because no one would see me go or see me riding. Also it would be fun to spy on my sister!!