The Story of Joseph in the Qur’an

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Azar Ajaj. Another main influence on the Quran, would come from the Christians and New Testament. A possible reason for this might be that some Jewish and Christian communities who lived in the area, had a special literature and writings which was little different from the traditional Talmudic and other formal Jewish writings, and Muhammad was influenced by them.

Come now, let's kill him and throw him,,, Then we'll see what comes of his dreams. Interestingly, Every time the robe is taking off him, he finds himself in trouble. And in a way or another, the robe is used as an evidence, first for his death, and here for his crime. While in the parallel episodes in the Quran, the one matches the Biblical one, the second episode, different in the details and the consequences.

Such paraenetic expansions appear only rarely in the Joseph story. His bond with the higher source of these gifts is never seriously threatened or questioned by Joseph or by the narrator. That Voice defines the story's nature and meaning Stokes , In that sense, the Qur'an seems to be saying that Joseph is to be understood as a model for Muhammad. Turning back to the first point, it is clear that we do not have many references to Joseph story in the New Testament. He is only mentioned for times in John where we are told merely a historical information that Jacob gave his son a piece of land an information that is not mention in the Old Testament.

Joseph is mentioned also in Stephen speech in Acts while he was going through the history of the Jewish nation; his name also appears in Hebrews , where he is mentioned as a hero of faith. And finally his name is mention in Revelation when John mention his tribe Stokes , 40; see also Boice , These attributes are not exclusive for the Christian faith.

Joseph in the Bible & The Qur'an / The Cross & The Crescent

As mentioned, the second point was the issue of typology, where Joseph is seen as a type of Christ Ambrose was one of the church fathers who hold this position and wrote about this subject. In summarizing his teaching we could have a wide idea of this approach. Bahwa sanya - pekerjaan itu - tiada beroleh kemenangan segala orang yang zina.

Bible vs. Koran

Indeed - the fact of the matter - those who commit adultery do not gain prosperity. Maka dipukulnya dadanya, maka keluar keinginannya daripada segala anakjarinya. Dan tersebut. Dan kata setengah, dilihatnya Qitfir. Dan kata setengah telah diserukan, "Hai Yusuf, bahwa engkau tersurat di dalam jumlah segala anbiya, padahal kauberbuat perbuatan segala orang yang dungu ". Wa'llahu a'iam! He smote his [Joseph' s]chest, and his desire came out from his fingers.

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It is stated in Baydawi that he saw Gabriel. Some say that Joseph saw an image of Jacob biting his fingers. Others say that he saw Potiphar. Others say that there was a cry, "Joseph, you indeed are inscribed among the number of the prophets, yet you are about to do an act of the foolish ". Bahwa sanya, adalah ia daripada jumlah segala hamba Kami yang ikhlas pada berbuat bakti. We showed him that sign so that We might divert from him betrayal [and] adultery.

Indeed he is one of our servants who are sincere in doing acts of devotion. Dan bersegera-segera, berlari-lari keduanya kepada pintu, dan adalah. The two of them swiftly raced each other to the door, Joseph running swiftly to escape from Zulaykha, and Zulaykha in order to seize him. She seized Joseph's garment, and dragged it towards her, and. The two of them encountered. Kata Yusuf, padahalnya melepaskan dirinya, "Ia menuntut daku daripada diriku". Joseph said, trying to clear himself, "She made a [sexual] demand of me".

Dan telah naik syaksi seorang syaksi daripada anak mama Zulaykha, kanak-kanak di dalam ayunan, maka katanya,. A Witness gave testimony, a child of Zulaykha's uncle, an infant in the cradle, for he said,. Maka tatkala dilihat oleh suaminya baju Yusuf carik daripada belakang, telah berkata ia, "Bahwa sanya katamu 'Tiada balas orang yang hendak berbuat. Bahwa sanya daya kamu, hai segala perempuan, amat besar". Then when her husband saw that Joseph's garment was torn at the back, he said, "Indeed those words of yours 'There is no requittal. Indeed, your deceit, women, is very great". Maka dikatanya, Then he said,.

Dan minta ampun engkau, hai Zulaykha, bagi dosamu. Bahwasanya adalah engkau daripada orang yang berdosa. Dan telah masyhurlah khabar. And you, Zulaykha, ask pardon for your sin.

Joseph in the Qur’an

Indeed, you are of those who sin. Of these, he treats only mukhli; as offering a variant meaning. It is referred to below. For the remainder, he is concerned only with phonological detail. Telah berkata segala perempuan di dalam madina Misir,. Telah masuk kasihnya kedalam hatinya. Bahwa sanya kami lihat ia kesalahan yang amat nyata, karena kasihnya akan hambanya itu ".

The women in the city of Egypt said [to each other], "The wife of the governor is making a [sexual] demand of her servant,. Love for him has entered her heart. Indeed, we see her in evident error because of her love for that servant of hers. An excursus presenting variant recitations of imra'at. Only details of phonology are involved. And she said to Joseph, "Come out before them,. Maka tatkala dilihat oleh mereka itu akan Yusuf itu, telah dita'zimkan mereka itu akan dia, dan dikerat mereka itu segala tangan diri mereka itu dengan sikkin, padahal tiada mereka itu merasaiW sakitnya, karena masyghul liati mereka itu akan.

Yusuf, dan [di]kata mereka itu, "Maha suci Allah Ta'ala! Bukan Yusuf ini manusia",.

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Then, when they saw Joseph, they extolled him, and they cut their hands with the knives, without feeling pain at it because their hearts were occupied with something beautiful as the face of Joseph, and they said, "How flawless is God Almighty! This Joseph is no human being! An excursus presenting the variant recitations of hisha.

AR does not indicate any variation in. Telah kutuntut akan dia daripada dirinya. Zulaykha said to them, when she saw what had befallen them, " So this is he whom you [indulged in] backbiting me for loving him. Maka kata segala perempuan itu, " ikut olehmu,. Then the women said, " Obey, O Joseph , the will of your mistress". Kata Yusuf, "Hai Tuhanku, penjara itu terlebih kekasih kepada aku daripada pekerjaan yang diseru mereka itu aku kepadanya itu. Joseph said, "O my Lord, prison is more loved of me than that deed to which they call.

Dan jika tiada kau palingkan daripada aku daya mereka itu, niscaya cenderunglah aku kepada mereka itu, dan jadilah aku daripada segala orang yang berdosd ". And if You do not divert from me their deceit, I will certainly incline to them, and I will. Maka diperkenankan oleh Tuhan Yusuf baginya du' any a, maka dipalingkannya daripadanya daya mereka itu. Bahwa sanya ia jua Tuhan yang amat menengar bagi kata lagi yang amat tahu akan perbuatan. So Joseph's Lord answered him his prayer, and so diverted from him their deceit. Indeed, He is God who is the Hearer, of [human] words , and who is the Knower of [human] deeds.

It goes. In general, he goes no further than to list them in blocks, strategically distributed. On a number of occasions, however, where a difference in meaning is involved, he tacitly makes a choice between one or another in his Malay rendering of words or phrases.

Differences Between the Story of Joseph in the Bible and Intricacies in Sura 12 of the Qur’an

Moreover, since it represents AR's considered understanding of how the Qur 'an is to be understood in Malay at the level he is addressing, it may properly be referred to as his own work. The interpretations, analyses and emphases it contains are the fruit of an encounter with the Qur' an which he mediates to his students. The pericopes chosen are high in dramatic tension.