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No, the banner and Tip of the Day calls are hard-coded into the scripts that run when the shell is opened. I think the "little things" like this banner are what I like most about the Exchange team and its community. Keep it, please.

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I'm for supressing it as well as an option. I write a lot of PowerShell scripts that may need to spool up RemoteExchange. Being able to supress the banner stuff maybe a switch for the script would make for cleaner output in the scripts.

Hermit crab changing shells - with a plot twist!

Hi, I always found the banner very informative. It would be great if you could make get-help a standard banner and then give an example for Tip of the Day.

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After six-ish years since Exchange beta , I don't pay any attention to it. Then again, I'm a consultant, I have dozens of customers, and I open more than a dozen EMS sessions on an average work day. This is what the banner looks like: The top part of the banner includes common commands that should make your life easier if you're brand new to the shell.

What else should you know?

David Strome says:. September 28, at am. Immanuel says:. September 20, at am.

Chad Solarz says:. Hans Straat says:.

Open the Exchange Management Shell

MikeB says:. September 21, at am. Chris Brown says:. September 21, at pm. Early voters will also have access to special bonuses of the coins they vote on if the project is approved.

How to Run the Exchange Management Shell EMS in PowerShell

The Shellpay exchange truly opens up capital markets for everyone. Anyone from around the world will be able to create their own tokens in exchange for YongBang coins. They can then use these tokens to raise funds for projects or tokenize assets of their choosing. Sign me up. Shellpay Exchange.

Manage your Exchange Online from the Azure Cloud Shell – Exchange, Office and Azure

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