The Night of the Mange Tout (and other stories)

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Serve with a few boiled potatoes or some fluffy rice for a delicious summer supper. Using a sharp knife, carefully score the skin of the seabass four to five times on the diagonal. Cut two large pieces of foil and fold each in half to create a double thickness — they should be big enough to create a loose parcel around the fish. Slice the ginger into very thin matchsticks and place on top of the vegetables along with the spring onions. Sit the fillets of seabass on top, drizzle with a little sesame oil and season well with salt and pepper.

Bring the sides of the foil up around the fish and vegetables and seal the edges together at the top so that no steam can escape. Place in the oven for 15 minutes then remove from the foil and serve immediately with some boiled rice. Weekend recipe: Nick Cullen makes the most of mangetout.

Mangetout re-opens tonight on old Churchill’s site in Southend

Get involved with the news in your community. Send your stories and photos now. Continue reading. Drugs alert after 'stronger' version of Spice leads to overdoses in Blackburn Blackburn town centre route closed for years is reopened 1. New Lidl stores for Blackburn and Bolton confirmed as part of expansion plans 5. I'd booked a table for 8. We got down to Mangetout at around 7.

We were told that we couldn't even though I could see multiple free tables. Not going to lie there were about 5 free tables and that was just at the front. We were told to get a drink at the bar and wait - neither of us were drinking so this was a pointless exercise. Time crept by at a snail's pace as I was bombarded with Love Island gossip whilst sipping non alcoholic liquids.

The tables remained empty. The outlook was bleak. Ten minutes before we could sit down I asked another woman if we could sit earlier as I was beginning to lose the plot with hunger, rage and jealousy as my view was just of people eating.

Weekend recipe: Nick Cullen makes the most of mangetout

She said "yes we've got loads of room, just pick a table. I thought better of it as I didn't want to show weakness in front of my girlfriend and presumed I was overreacting because I hadn't eaten in hours. Food took another 30 minutes to come out.

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At this point I was considering arson. When the food did come out, to put it bluntly, it was butters. My girlfriend had buffalo chicken and I had the Almighty burger. None of the meat on either dish tasted of anything, like no flavour at all, and it was dry as a nun's downstairs. The sides were a shambles - the boneless wings were relatively cold and any sauce they'd put on it had soaked into the breadcrumbs making them soggy and effectively sauceless in every way.

Now, I do have to give Mangetout credit here for being the only restaurant I've ever been to that has done mac and cheese poorly - that is truly a gift. It was macaroni in a beige sauce with breadcrumbs. No cheese in sight. It actually tasted of macaroni. It was mac and beige.

  • Sugar snap peas or mangetout – which pea is crunchier?.
  • A french touch of class - Mange Tout.
  • It was grim. I pride myself on being someone who eats his own dinner then eats other people's without shame. I didn't even finish my own this time it was that bad. This was Mangetout's second strike as I'd been before and was given a lukewarm Manwich which sounds as grim as it tasted.

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    • For a place that has so much potential I'm very disappointed and you should be ashamed to be charging London prices if you're serving Kursaal Estate quality food. Swerve this place hard or at least make sure you're not driving. Hello Harry, How disappointing to read this. We are sincerely sorry for your poor experience. You really haven't had a true representation of what we do here and it would seem that our chefs have not cooked your meal to our specs as we know how tasty our offering is when prepared correctly!

      We booked a table for 8 for 7pm as we had small children in our party. Unfortunately there was only 7 of us as one guest could not make it. We given a table out of sight of the main dining area, so it felt like a bit of out of sight out of mind. We were offered drink quite quickly, but after that it was a bit down hill.

      After over half hour of waiting for our waitress to return and the children getting bored silly, I went to find a waitress and asked if we could order. She said sorry, I thought you were still waiting for another guest. We waited another good 40 minuets and watch other table, who orders were taken after ours being eaten and paying there bills.

      Recipe: Coconut, prawn and mangetout curry | Daily Mail Online

      We had another portion of cobs and that was also, one hot and one cold. The food it self was not bad, big portions cardboard fries and burger buns as soft as house bricks like badly defrost and then toasted buns would feel, I would imagine. After we finished our meal, no one came to the forgotten corner, so we sent our eldest 12 to find a waitress to clear the table and take dessert orders. When the ice-cream came, we asked to pay the bill, there and then as we thought we might not see anyone for another half hour and we just wanted the children to eat there ice-creams and leave.

      Hi Bryan, We're very sorry for the poor service you received during your visit to us. It is unacceptable on all counts and we will look into it immediately.

      Recommended: Mangetout – If It Wer EP

      Can you please send us an email to hello mangetoutgrill. I hope you can see from the vast majority of our great reviews that this isn't a true representation of our brand here and we hope you'll give us a chance to resolve this and show you what we are really about. We look forward to hearing from you so we can sort this! My husband and I visited for lunch. He ordered a burger and I ordered a vegan salad. Oh my, I have never seen anything like it.

      Been to Mangetout Totnes? Share your experiences!

      My salad was massive and soooo tasty. I'm not usually one to order a salad but so pleased I did. My husband was very jealous and said he would have that next time. He really enjoyed his burger too. The prices are not bad at all for the quality of the food and surroundings. Ideal for friends, family, children.

      All ages. Hi Carly, Thank you for taking the time to write a review on our Trip Advisor page. It's fantastic to hear that you and your husband had a great lunch visit to Mangetout and that you enjoyed your salad and burger! Thank you saying that you find us value for money, we really appreciate all your comments. Hope to see yu again soon!


      Great food, relaxed and really good service! Hello Stanley, We are pleased to see that your recent visit to Mangetout made your night worth it in the end! The Mangetout team are happy to hear that they made you feel very welcomed and relaxed on the night of your meal. Thank you for writing a lovely review on our TripAdvisor page and we look forward to seeing you again soon. This was my 3rd visit to mangetout and have always had a really good evening and meal whilst here!! The chicken wings for starters was a great sharer starter, honey barbq sauce really good! Excellent burgers with a pork rib in the middle!!

      Left really full and very satisfied, only downsize is the price of the food!! It's always nice to hear from a regular customer that you've always had a great visit to Mangetout. It's also fantastic to know that after ordering some of our most popular dishes, some old some new, that they have been enjoyed! We are sorry you feel that we are expensive, several factors such as increased minimum wage, rates and food costs, has left us with no choice but to slightly increase our prices as we refuse to reduce our quality. We pride ourselves on using the freshest, high-quality ingredients that are locally sourced when possible and believe that this is what brings back our regular customers over and over again.

      Own or manage this property?