The Guardians of Light

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Four immortal warriors rise to meet the threat, but a traitor walks among them.

The world must be saved, but at what cost? Erin Kay Broich's love of fantasy and skill for writing drove her to start "The Guardians of Light Trilogy" at the age of She is now a junior at St.

Guardians of Light | Quest of the Keys Organization

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Lara Croft Guardian of Light (Part 1 of 3) Solo Playthrough Gameplay - Tomb Raider

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7 Guardians of Lights confirmed?

Seller Inventory n. While the former is put into a deep slumber by Xemnas , Xigbar , and Young Xehanort , Riku escapes from within Sora's dreams and arrives in the true world. He then states that, should the heroes want to protect the seven Princesses of Heart , they would need to gather seven guardians of light to defend the princesses and face the darkness. Mickey hypothesizes that the guardians could include himself, Sora, Riku, and his three lost friends Terra , Aqua , and Ventus , but cannot think of a seventh.

Xehanort then contradicts this count, claiming that Sora and Terra, who he refers to as "another on your list", belong to the Organization. Just as Xehanort prepares to send a piece of his heart into Sora to create the thirteenth vessel, Lea arrives to help the heroes escape, later joined by Donald and Goofy.

Lara Croft: GoL

Having been thwarted from claiming Sora, Xehanort tasks both groups with filling in their numbers before they meet again as destined. Later, after Riku rescues Sora from the Armored Ventus Nightmare , Lea reveals that he had been training to use a Keyblade, and surprisingly manages to summon his Keyblade, Flame Liberator , as he speaks.

Yen Sid then tells Riku to bring Kairi to him, where he declares her to be another guardian of light. Yen Sid sends both Lea and Kairi to Merlin , where the two were trained in order to join the guardians of light and be able to battle against the real Organization XIII in equal footing. Meanwhile, both Riku and Mickey seeks out a way to rescue Aqua from the Realm of Darkness , while Sora travels to other worlds in order to regain his lost strength. In time, he joins Riku and Mickey as the former battles against Anti-Aqua , and succeeds in expunging the dark influence from Aqua and rescuing her from the dark realm.

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