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She always wanted to know everything. Her eventual words were soft into the heavy silence, treading as warily as her eyes. It was rare that Gaius felt so angry he could not speak. Agricola had often made changes to plans which had disappointed and annoyed him but they had never made him livid like those he had just received.

Not Eboracum. Agricola has decided that I need to remain at the old fortress near Easg when the column arrives there on the morrow. I fit in my new writing whenever I am not doing writing for promotional work -like writing blog posts — or marketing my books. All of that is sandwiched in between being a child minding grandmother, gardener and general housewife.

That said I need to do better than writing late at night when all are in bed or early in the morning before they get up since, I find the middle of the day is very tiring! I am quite anal in that like Mr. Smith; and other book retailers. Today we are fortunate to have with us us Barbara Gaskell Denvil who writes in the genres of historical fiction and occasional fantasy. I come from a family of writers and artists.

I grew up thinking that art and books were the most important things in the world, and yearned to be an author myself. My Christmas presents were all books rather than toys, and I accepted that standards of good writing were what ruled the world. I wrote my first daft fairy stories when I was about four years old. DWW-Is it available in print? Although the next book I publish will be produced in Australia only my publisher has the ANZ rights I am at present writing the first of a quartet, which will be available worldwide.

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This is historical fiction again, and covers the lives, separations and misfortunes of two people through the dramatic years to The scale is large — giving me plenty of opportunity to include all the historical events of those times, while also building up the fictional story and the extended romance.

Over a couple of years, actually. I have a great fascination for that era, and have been researching it for many years. So I began to plan a series, where my hero and heroine would experience many adventures and disasters against the background of these tumultuous historical events. I often walk those medieval lanes in my dreams — so writing about them seems almost obligatory.

I suppose it is the discipline necessary for turning imagination into actual identity and finding the time to fit everything in. I can write a hundred books in my head — but actually producing them on the computer is always inspirational but also sometimes exhausting. I began a couple of years ago by self-publishing on Amazon.

That was a great experience but I needed a lot of help so my daughter took over the formatting and my granddaughter produced my book covers. I have to say, I am now more comfortable leaving the business side and the marketing to the professionals. I was born in England and when young I began to develop a career in publishing, journalism, creative editing and short story writing.

I am half English and half Australian and I lived many years on a boat cruising the Mediterranean and in half a dozen European countries until my partner became very ill and finally died of cancer. After this emotional devastation, I deeded change and so moved to rural Australia, where I began writing full time. A little late in life, perhaps, to reclaim my original career — but I find it wonderfully fulfilling. Although I have concentrated mainly on writing historical fiction, I also love to write fantasy and aim to delve a little more into that genre at some time in the future.

Inspirational ideas arrive too frequently to follow up. My next book is once again a historical novel set in the late 15 th century, which will be published in Australia this coming June. Meanwhile I am busy writing the first of the quartet I mentioned — historical adventure again. I researched the plague, which was a common threat in the 15 th century, for the book I am currently writing Cornucopia, Book One — Prime and found the particular horrors of that disease quite appalling.

I think many authors who choose to write about this, have failed to realize just how dreadful it was. The truth was far, far worse. A short excerpt from that passage, where my hero contracts this disease — is as follows I thought he opened his eyes and saw me but when I leaned closer I saw he was still in sleep and only the nightmare of delirium moved his lashes. All his skin was slick with sweat which glowed in the moonlight but his face was flushed and his jaw tight as though gripped in pain. Around his nose was caked with dry blood, and where the quilt was pulled right up to his chin, its edging was wet, all dark sour stained with sweat and vomit.

I pulled it back a little and Jack moved, fretful, as if disturbed by my touch.

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But he did not open his eyes and neither did he speak, though his forced breathing gurgled shallow in his throat. I looked around for something to clean his face and soothe his fever. There were pillows on the floorboards around the bed, as if he had thrown them off in tremor or convulsion. There was a jug of water and a basin on a chest in front of the window, and I found a tangle of bandages and rags to bathe him, cooling his face and head and then his neck and upper chest. I dried him with my own skirt, and kissed his cheek. He did not wake.

I suppose in a way, everything I have ever done, heard or read has influenced my writing a little. Many years ago it was probably the breadth of plot and characterization of Dickens and Dorothy Dunnett DWW-While Dorothy Dunnett has not changed my life as a writer, her books have fascinated me as well, keeping me involved in her heroes who so often act anti-heroically that I recommend these as well to our fellow and future historical novel enthusiasts which impressed me most, but I have loved so many different authors and read a multitude of memorable books over the years, so I could site anyone from Tolkien, George MacDonald Fraser, S.

I read a little less now and I put more effort into writing. However, there are some new young authors who I love, and I very much enjoy the historical fiction I have found amongst the English Historical Fiction group to which I belong online. Apart from that I tend to concentrate on non-fiction, since research is a passion of mine besides being essential for my books. I am painstaking about getting all historical details and backgrounds absolutely accurate.

Sitting at the computer — probably 9 to 5, and usually 5 or 6 days a week. Perhaps some abstract artists can paint without learning anatomy or technique — but no author can write well without some grammar, vocabulary and serious word-craft. The artistry cannot be learned — it comes from inspiration and practice. Satin Cinnabar. Fair Weather. Thanks so much, David, for inviting me. Today we are fortunate to have with us A. Stewart who writes in the fantasy and horror genres. Today we also want to talk about her work in the Regency arena.

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The voices in my head. Of course, my logic has always been a bit flawed.

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The epistolary novella—set for the most part in London, England—spans the years from to and narrates the story of the Harrington family as their lives intersect with two vampires, Eleanor and Henri. It all started with the notion of how someone would react if they found out a neighbor had a strange secret. From there came the idea of the secret: the neighbours being vampires. The idea of secrets led to the thought of diaries and the book was born. Writing the format was definitely challenging, keeping the dates, years, and different time periods straight could get confusing, especially since I tend to bounce around within a book when I write scenes.

He was one character that stubbornly refused to cooperate. I learned a good lesson from it though: never argue with your characters. DWW-I find keeping track of dates, once they become integral to the story difficult as well. I have one work in progress, that the date sequence weighs heavy on my mind and it must be the first thing I look at when I start the 2nd draft, else the story will not work at all. I felt the unusual nature of the book, an epistolary novella written as a series of diary entries, did not lend itself well to the traditional publishers, so I went with self-publishing.

I love movies especially action films , music, chocolate, have a thing for scarves, but not for shoes, I prefer to write death scenes than romance scenes, hate dusting, like cooking, and I love to write poetry.

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December 12, Eliza is in a better mood these days, with Edmund home for the Christmas season. She has even promised to have Eleanor and Henri over for Christmas dinner.

December 14, What a shame. Henri informed me this morning they are leaving London for Christmas, to visit some friends in the country. I hope they have decent weather; trips this time of year can be unpleasant. December 20, The house is certainly festive, with the holly wreaths and the festooned greenery. Cook made a toothsome cake yesterday that was most palatable.

No doubt she has more such delicacies to come. However, I do miss Henri. January 10, The holidays are over, and Edmund shall be returning to Oxford soon. It was a pleasantly adequate Christmas. The house is now far more tranquil than during the celebrations. I suppose we shall all have to return to our routines. January 16, Henri has returned at last. I shall again have some stimulating conversation and companionship.

I am looking forward to our next outing.

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I would hope readers can identify with my characters, I try to keep them realistic, even in the midst of fantastic situations. I like writing from an emotional and psychological base for characters, so readers can relate; everyone gets angry, sad, excited, etc. The fun part is then taking those emotions to extremes, like revenge, murder, jealousy, and playing with that to create motivation and plot. I try to write something most days, not always successfully. On good days I manage a couple of paragraphs, or a page or two for a book, a flash fiction story, or a poem.

Sessions like that can last a few minutes, or hours.