Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT: Rewrite Your Past, Transform Your Future

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At the time the event occurred, part of the self splits off and goes into the Matrix.

How we create an ECHO (Energy Consciousness Hologram)

We also continue to attract more and more negative experiences, because experience follows energy vibration. Gregg Braden stated that there is a field of energy that connects everything. I highly recommend his book, The Divine Matrix. This field plays the role of container and mirror for our beliefs. This field is holographic. The term was first used by Max Plank, the originator of Quantum Physics, in The Matrix is the field that underlies all of existence.

He also wrote that it is possible to reprogram the subconscious mind: the antennae can absorb a new picture, creating new neuro-connections in the brain, and ultimately altering DNA.

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In working with traumatic memories, Matrix Reimprinting is based on the premise that when trauma occurs child abuse, rape, war, auto accident, etc. Instead, we freeze. In that moment, part of us energetically splits off, and instead of being stored in the body, this split off part is stored in the Matrix.

But it lives on in our subconscious mind, and dictates our response to future situations. Karl Dawson stated that most of our negative self and world views are developed when we are in utero, at birth, and during the first 6 years of our lives, often through trauma. Matrix Reimprinting involves the client going into dialogue with the ECHO at the time of the traumatic event. When we release the energy through tapping, give resources to the ECHO, and then move safely through the memory, the subconscious mind can let go of the trauma and feel safe.

By changing the images in the Matrix, we can change the language of our subconscious mind.

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The resources could include a magic wand, an angel, a spirit guide, etc. The client can also help the ECHO change what happened. The client has a conversation with the ECHO to determine what negative life messages they took on from the situation. At the new scene, encourage the client to create a new picture with the ECHO, and anyone else included in the scene, using all of the senses: sight, sound, touch, taste, smells, and in addition, energy vibration and feelings.

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We are immobilized by a sense of total helplessness. This is how the ECHO is created. Part of us splits off energetically. The freeze response is a survival response. In animal studies, the freeze is the last resort when being threatened.

More About Matrix Reimprinting With EFT

After the event, there is a great deal of shame. The ECHO regrets their inaction; they see it as a sign of weakness.

Most animals are able to discharge the freeze response after the threat is gone. They shake it off.

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There are Big T Traumas, and small t traumas. Anything that we perceive as a threat to our life is a Big T Trauma, and for children, sexual abuse is a Big T Trauma. Introducing Energy Psychology.

Matrix Reimprinting using EFT by Karl Dawson, EFT Master

Matrix Reimprinting. Matrix Reimprinting Techniques Rewriting your.

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The Foundation Techniques. Life Transformation Protocols. Birth and Early Years Protocols. Working with LongTerm Illness and. Positive Life Experiences and Guiding Stars. Chapter 17 Matrix Reimprinting in Action. Further Case Studies. Conclusion Matrix Reimprinting and World. Relationship Transformation Protocols.