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But her time at XWave, and the decisions she had made while she was there, had given her ample experience working with the oil and gas sector on IT contracts. In fact, at XWave she often worked with Husky as a consultant. She says it was a conscious decision by her to focus on oil and gas projects as XWave started taking on that work around That experience made the decision to join Husky in a bit easier for her, although she admits it was still a tough call to leave a company she had been with for almost two decades.

I was also taking a position with more responsibility and more chance for advancement. And advance Mandville has with Husky. Looking to expand her skills beyond IT, she got her chartered professional accountant designation in , which allowed her to get involved more in financial management and business planning.

Excerpts from “Women Making Herstory: 100 Years of Immigrant Women’s Lives and Work in Malmö”

How far has she come with Husky? Bay du Nord is the oil discovery made in the Flemish Pass Basin in estimated to contain million barrels of recoverable oil.

And mentoring is something she believes is essential in her role as a leader of men and women at Husky. I try to make that part of what I do and part of my leadership. Karen Winsor knew what she wanted to do with her life at an early age. Maybe that clarity was influenced by her father, Gregory Veitch, who worked for over 30 years at two refineries in the province.

Whatever the reason, her career choice has paid off. Improve Your Emotional Intelligence.

Young Woman of Distinction: Maddie Brockbank

A Quick Guide to Cultural Transformation. By Charles Coy.

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March 28, Share On. Beyond raising awareness about the lack of diversity in venture capital, Sykes and her team work to find solutions. The goal? The aim is to create a mentality of " if they can do it, I can do it. Jessica Higgins started her career as a culture design and business development executive.

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She uses empathy and intuition to understand how people are feeling and why, a skill she gained after fighting her own personal battle with Lyme disease. Gaining confidence and controlling negativity can help professional women understand what they want out of their careers—Wang gives them the tools to do so.

But a lot has changed since then.

YWCA Hamilton Women of Distinction Awards make herstory | YWCA Hamilton

Overcoming her chronic illness gave Young the inspiration and strength to start her own business. Her music like her Indian-American heritage is a mix of genres with Western Pop and Electronic influences. She launched her channel in She was born in Chennai and and grew up singing Carnatic Classical music.

Vidya also performs live throughout the world with her own band. It also features DIY videos and sketches. The videos are in Hindi and cover everything from kitchen hacks to wedding hairstyles, to affordable makeup and makeup tutorials. She joined the medium in January Pooja Luthra joined YouTube in and her Hindi channel has mostly videos on beauty and health tips and more.

Pooja covers a wide range of topics such as beauty tips, skin care tips, fat loss, weight loss diet plans etc. Her channel has 4. Anisha is of Indian-German origin and resides in Mumbai. Her YouTube channel Rickshawali has 2. During an auto ride she got the idea to make videos using an auto rickshaw as a prop.

She hasn't looked back ever since. She uses her vlogs and sketches to also talk about topics that are considered taboo in India. It has 2. Trisha covers everything from beauty tips, DIY, makeup, beauty benefits, hairstyle hacks etc.