Lindbergh Enrages Paris: and other Travesties of History

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Travis Kelly (Author of And We Call Ourselves Men)

After all, is it madness to think you are You are born in to a troubled family In , Desnos, who belongs to a being constantly violated by demonic in Puy-de-Dme in the middle of France. Resistance cell and knows he must keep entities, when you really are? Your mother attempts several times to you alive to sustain your spell against kill herself and lives in fear, as do you, Hitler, arranges for your risky, illegal Location: Paris , with visits of your blind syphilitic father who sits transfer from an asylum in the Occupied to Mexico in 36 and Ireland in 37; raving in the dark.

He dies at the start Zone to one in the Unoccupied Zone. You enlist in but are writes surrealist poetry and wants you to Appearance: early on strikingly, discharged in due to tuberculosis. He to long-term addiction, poverty and orders a prolonged course of damaging finally incarceration, you wind up an In you attend the cole des Chartes electroshock therapy. You study medieval history A wasted husk of the beautiful Artaud Demeanor: forbidding, strangely and verse.

On a trip to London in , of old emerges from the Rodez asylum moralistic you brandish your cane you meet the philosopher Henri Bergson, in You weep when you meet the threateningly at fellow artists who are who talks to you of Laughter, his essay false Breton, who has replaced the having too much fun that investigates the social function of one who died trying to rescue you this ordinary phenomenon. You graduate from incarceration ten years before. Family: mother Euphrasie; lovers in and next go to the School of A flood of manic creativity follows, Gnica Athanasiou , Advanced Spanish Studies in Madrid.

On May 7, you witness the gruesome occasionally come and go, taking and to time as intercessor between Pariss death of Manuel Granero, a bullfighter, sometimes depositing books. Later you introduce who is stabbed through the eye by a Robert Desnos to Flamel. Later that year you become In you become a coin specialist a trainee librarian and a deputy keeper at in the rue Vivienne branch of the In the day you read Hegel and study Bibliothque Nationale in Paris.

You meet sometime- anthropology with Marcel Mauss. At surrealist poet Michel Leiris at the caf night you visit prostitutes and gambling There is no goal to things, to the world. All Marigny and then the rue Blomet crowd. In you publish an essay out of superiority, but out of tragedy. You have encounter the rest of the surrealists, who about medieval fantasies in La Rvolution to take laughter to its ends, laugh as if you do not impress you. Andr Bretons surraliste. You discover Sade and join up were laughing at a crucifixion. Freud in In the Enfer p. Her three sisters which have been here since the s, guardian, Nicolas Flamel, to bar Breton are married to other intellectuals: Rose, misclassified as fiction.

There is mention from ever using its physical portal. The to Masson; Bianca, to surrealist doctor of Ygolonac. You also find tunnels in a next year Flamel holds up his side of the Theodore Fraenkel; and Simone, to your darker corner through which ghouls bargain. In exchange, you act from time future editorial collaborator Jean Piel.

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The next year you publish Histoire de materialism. You posit that the base the first issue of Acphale. Ygolonac, loeil pseudonymously as Lord Auch a things which are transformed through drawn by Andr Masson, adorns the contraction of Lord aux chiottes, by work into product, manufactured or cover. In one hand he holds a dagger, which you mean throw God in the cultural, cannot escape their roots which in the other a flaming heart.

His belly toilet. Illustrated by Andr Masson, continue to disrupt their pure existence. The Acphale Society this is a tale of brutal violence and meets under a blasted oak in the Fort pornography, a transgression, but it The year starts with A Corpse, de Maury near St Nom-La-Bretche on is also autobiographical, referring to an attack on Breton by the dissident the western outskirts of Paris.

You moot bullfighting, your obsession with vision, surrealists, in response to the venom a re-enactment of the beheading of Louis and the ruins of Apchon Castle in the directed at you in the Second Manifesto. In March you marry Sylvia. You are Communist Circle, which seeks to thirty, but she is still only nineteen and defend Marxism while distancing itself In Colette Peignot dies in your needs her parents permission to wed.

Your mother dies, squalid apartment of tuberculosis, aged and your daughter Laurence is born. In early you respond to Bretons attempt to find a common ground Base Materialism and Gnosticism is The next year, you start a relationship among left-wing intellectuals by stating published in Documents.

In it you draw with Denise Rollin, model and friend of that among the surrealists are too many parallels between the Gnostic inversion Jean Cocteau, Breton, and Prvert. Two weeks later the of the Bible, which has its evil creator You flee Paris and settle in Vzelay in first issue of Documents appears. It will god, and materialism, which elevates the Burgundy eastern France with Denise run until You are the editor of fabricated above its base origins.

The twenty-three- against received ideas, which takes In you write The Psychological year-old Princess Diane Kotchoubey de a cross-cultural look at the world and Structure of Fascism, in which you argue Beauharnais , a Canadian-born undermines surrealism with its own that fascism is not merely caused by South African of old European noble more disquieting visions. Later that economic conditions but also by diverse stock recently freed from an internment year, Breton launches a direct attack social groups uniting under the banner camp, moves in with her daughter.

You on you in his Second Surrealist Manifesto.

He writes, Bataille misuses adjectives middle classes. You meet Dora Maar, with a passion: befouled, senile, rank, who becomes your mistress until she You resign from the Bibliothque sordid, lewd, doddering, and that takes up with Pablo Picasso. Sylvia, fed Nationale in because of ill health.

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Many of the relationship with the author Colette both. In you finally divorce Sylvie dissident surrealists join up with you. Peignot , nicknamed Laure, and marry Diane. Louis Aragon and the other Stalinists now are to surrealism, in Breton You remain unwell until you die in No collector could ever love a work of art as enters into a brief alliance with you. Only three much as a fetishist loves a shoe. Together you join Contre-Attaque, an people attend the funeral at Vzelay, idiosyncratic leftist organization that although up on a hill away from the Your second article for Documents, The proposes to fight fascism with its own internement, a young couple can be seen Big Toe, contends that mans ability to tactics, without letting down its guard skulking.

A few days later, a hunched, stand upright and all that flows from against Stalin. On January 21, , in snouted creature who looks oddly like this, including intelligence, depends the attic of a grand house with a gated you is spotted near the catacombs. Man may have his head in the ritual to commemorate the beheading of Status: foe until , ally air, but he has his foot in the dirt and Louis XVI. Later that year, you publish , then foe again mud.

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This introduces your ideas of base. Drive: Thirst for Knowledge You are born in , in the Spanish village of Calanda, which as far as youre In you meet Jeanne Rucar, What You Want From the concerned is about the same as having gymnastics teacher and Olympic gold Dreamlands: evidence proving that been born in the Middle Ages. Paradoxical even as a young man, you Learning otherwise, you woo her Location: Paris are one-half athletic roughneck, one-half respectably, constantly dragging her to modernist aesthete. At the age of 21, you the movies, where necking becomes Appearance: medium height and attend Madrids Residencia de Estudiantes thinkable.

You propose and embark on build, standing straight, well dressed, the Resi , a progressive school where a long engagement, during which you square face with strong nose and deep- you meet two young men destined for become wildly proprietorial over her.

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You are grand master; Dal you write, with Dal, the screenplay to and Lorca are knights later demoted. To help in its ; father Joseph-Aristide unavoidable you carry on to your later inspiration, Dal teaches you how to enter ; brother Martial Bataille adventures in Paris: you dress up as a nun the Dreamlands. The finished script opens ? Because in your macho worldview open a womans eye with a razorblade. Denise Rollin ; wives Sylvia it is inconceivable that so dear a friend Shortly after this horrifying incident, Dal Makls , Diane Kotchoubey as Lorca might be a maricn, much less sees a swarm of ants emerging from a mans de Beauharnais ; daughters infatuated with your other friend Dal, hand, which also winds up in the film.

Laurence , Julie you do not entertain such a possibility. Shooting the scene a few months later in Paris fills you with terror and disgust.

Investigative Abilities: [Academic] Aiming for a diplomatic career, in Anthropology 1, Architecture 1, you go to Paris for the first time to learn In the pages of an illicit, forbidden tome Art History 1, Cthulhu Mythos 1, the language. In the nurturing Sodom you find a kindred spirit of Languages 5 English, Greek, Latin, dark of Parisian movie houses, you are rebellion and anticlericalism. You wangle a position as assistant to That same summer you go to Dal in Honesty 2, Bargain 2, Bureaucracy film director Jean Epstein, which lasts until Cadaqus to collaborate on the scenario 2, Credit Rating 2, Intimidation 1, he fires you for insolently disparaging the for a second film, Lge dor.

He offers Seduction 2, Streetwise 2 work of colleague Abel Gance. You decide to do most 4 : Art-Making 6, Athletics 6, contradictions, between your talk of of the work yourself. Intensifying the Dreamscaping 8, Firearms 6, Health 7, freedom and the puritanism drilled into you strain is the arrival of Gala, wife of the Instability 12, Sanity 8, Stability 8 by the Marist tutors of your youth.

You see surrealist poet Paul luard. The two of couples showing open affection in public! Instability Immunity: Ignore items Unmarried ones sometimes cohabitate! Dal is besotted with her, distracting 1, 2, 4, and 6 on the Instability Loss him when he should be thinking about Table on p.

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You meet outlying members of the your screenplay. You wind up with your surrealist circle, initiating the writers fingers wrapped around Galas windpipe,. Some days blessing. After three years spent circling the Patriots League and Anti-Jewish you wish they hadnt pulled you off. Youth League attack the December 3rd screening. Taking this as a pretext, Back in Paris, while arranging for In January you complete work on the their ally, police chief Jean Chiappe, private screenings of Un chien andalou, Lge dor scenario at the estate of Charles bans the film, ordering it burned.

Though the rampant drug-taking Commercial showings of your film Aragon and American photographer, and homosexuality on display there disturb remain illegal for the next fifty years. The scandal delights Breton, immunizing Man Ray. They arrange an October you from threats of exclusion.