Innocent Ignorance

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Innocence is not about being hopelessly naive, and knowledge, not something that leaves us hopelessly jaded. Not necessarily anyway. Not if we keep going. Not if we move past knowledge, to profound understanding and wisdom, which is always compassionate and not , despairing. If we continue the journey past mere knowledge we end beyond naivete, and beyond blind trust and faith, which can and do often come at the expense of our physical well-being.

If we complete the circle, we end not in despair, but at fully conscious faith and trust. We come to empowered innocence: innocence that knows everything — and is still attracted to the good. Ever evolving, ever transforming new areas of ignorance into knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment. Knowledge is, or can be painful, yes.

Lori Loughlin’s legal strategy: Ignorance

But it is also empowering: now we can choose the good, whereas before we were simply acting out, unaware. It can feel disempowering, because we get stuck looking the unwanted reality in the face.

'Innocent ignorance' isn't good enough

Because the more we know, the more we know what is lacking, what is bad, what there is to be done, how hard it will be, and how small we really are. All this we learn and more. The question is: do we have it in us to know all we know, and even to learn more, and still move towards the good? Before September 11th, the idea of a TV news anchorman editorializing in the middle of a broadcast would have been offensive to most viewers. Today, producers meekly defend their decisions to disallow reporters from displaying flags during a broadcast by saying it was done to protect those who "forget" to display a flag from being singled out as unpatriotic.

There shouldn't be a need for excuses.

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  • 'Innocent ignorance' isn't good enough;
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A reporter displaying the U. Even a Yankees fan should be able to see what's wrong with that picture. We're going to see a strengthening of that close-mindedness. There are accepted forums for editorializing in the media. Newspapers have op-ed columns, television has talk shows, ranging from the Rush Limbaugh Show to Rivera Live, where no one pretends to be objective.

The regular nightly news broadcast, however, like the front page of the New York Times, is not the place to air opinions.

Solutions Many more questions will be asked in the coming weeks. Most will be searching for short term fixes -- How do we make our airlines safer? How do we catch the terrorists? There have been numerous calls for changes to U.

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There needs to be a call for an equally important, and perhaps even more difficult, change: foreign news, especially when the U. Murillo describes WBAI's ability to thoroughly cover world news on a shoestring budget as stemming from "a base-level commitment at the station to serving the communities that are concerned about those issues. In other words," he says, "we don't only deal with the crisis, we deal with it as an ongoing situation.

Another necessity, according to Manoff, is an increase in the level of sophistication of coverage. The news media in this country exist to serve the public, not to pander to it. Read more: Alternatives to Commercial Media Have something to say? Contributors About Us Archive. First Wav e.

Innocence vs Ignorance

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