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The A. Shannon Miller. Share This Story. Recommended Stories. Sorry To Bother You does everything great science fiction should. Club News. Deadspin The Concourse. Share Tweet. Kinja is in read-only mode. We are working to restore service. We see you for your gift and kindness. We see you for the amazing contributions that you make on a daily basis. The simplicity of this piece belies the complexity of the subject, thank you Lolly for the poetic nature of your post!!

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What a powerful post. From a middle school perspective, kids do what they do to be noticed into existence. We educators must acknowledge our students and honor them so they may feel as though they have a place at the table. I see you therefore I believe in you. I had read somewhere that the Number One motivator for employees is when they are given recognition — open recognition.

Not pay raises. Not benefits. Not paid time off. Not promotions. But, simple recognition for their efforts. John Serpa. A prime example of this occurred today. I then realized I had not donated to the Red Cross for this epic tragedy—but then a buzzer in my mind sounded. These people are part of our community, only separated by miles from my door and they need help. So, I cancelled my plans for next week, packed my Prius with as much supplies as I could, contacted the United Way and will be at their disaster relief command center in Joplin on Sunday for a week, aiding with the relief efforts by doing anything they need me to do.

Charles van Heerden. Lolly, great post and absolutely captures the essence of service leadership. When we acknowledge others, we shine a light on them.

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Not only is leadership about being a role model, but also about encouraging others to their full potential. Having been blessed to have been born in Africa, ubuntu is an intrinsic part of sharing the gift of being connected. Charles All aspects of our lives is about inner leadership. If we connect to our gifts and if we know our purpose we can connect to others in a profound way. Thanks for stopping by! Chris Edmonds. When I acknowledge you — as a valuable person, no matter who you are or what you do — our entire global community is raised up.

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  • Maybe just a little — but that raising up can help our world grow in peace. Sherree Worrell.

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    Truly a powerful post Lolly. What an incredible message for all. Love you Sherree. See you tomorrow. Looking forward to your insights and brilliance. Michelle Radomski. Such a powerful post Lolly. It is full of heart and hope. I truly believe that in spite of appearances and chatter of gloom and doom, we are in a time of paradigm shift. The whole of creation is asking to be seen and many of us are waking up to do the seeing.

    Thanks for the beautiful reminder.

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    I will share this heart-filled post far and wide. Thank you Michelle you are profoundly wonderful comment. I cherish your heart and mind. This is very true.. Lynn Sereda. To me, the very deepest meaning of I See You refers to an ability to so look into the spirit presence of another human being. That One is now able to penetrate the singular most Unitary Big Spirit Essence, at the very root of any other some One else. In other words, I See You is a way of acknowledging that non-separateness from the great One-Ness, of which we are all a most intimate part. With the whole point being, the more the many of us, choose to really See each other within this Big One Source Light.

    To the next! I enjoy what you guys are up too. This sort of clever work and coverage!

    Great information. Lucky me I recently found your site by chance stumbleupon. Thanks for some other wonderful post. Where else could anybody get that kind of info in such a perfect way of writing? Truly love this!

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    Toggle navigation Lolly Daskal. Search for:. I See You. May, Hi Lolly, I like this post because as a golf coach and now a business advisor I see the good things in people, but often bosses do not! Thank you! May, Gavin, Thanks for stopping by. Pat May, Great post. So very true. A great leader only becomes great after they learn how to follow. May, Pat Thanks for your comment.