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Notify me. It could transform your world! A broken Life Line can indicate a very difficult circumstance usually involving a serious physical situation. Examples clients have told me about include an injury such as a head trauma, a life-changing event such as divorce, moving to another state, unexpectedly changing colleges, abruptly ending a sports career because of knee surgery, or death in the family.

Events associated with a broken Life Line can be seen in a positive or negative way, but either way a broken Life Line probably represents a needed wake-up call. For example, one woman with a break in her Life Line had very destructive behaviors, such that her husband divorced her and took custody of their children. She saw the separation in a negative way, but the divorce helped her to realize that she would benefit by making positive changes for healthier behaviors.

In my observations and in the life histories of my clients, issues of physical security correlate to Life Lines at the approximate ages shown in the Figure below. Important note: The hand analysis I practice is not predictive. Figure below shows the hand of a man who told me of a life-threatening event that occurred to him when he was a child. Notice the break in his Life Line between the age of five and ten. At age 6 he was thrown into a river along with his brother who was 8. He hid under the brush to hide from the older brothers who had chucked him into the river because they were watching for him along the riverbank.

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Today this man is a great swimmer. In his adult life he has played key roles in planning for and monitoring the safety of people at large events, as well as providing security for his own children. His broken Life Line, even between age on the time line, reveals his continual need for safety and security. A short or weak Life Line represents a shorter than average anchor line to the earth. Oftentimes there was a requirement early in life to take on so much responsibility that time for play had to be sacrificed. One client with a short Life Line told me how survival issues show up for him.

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There is a constant and never-ending continuation of tasks leading to my insanity. I break large chunks of responsibility and work into smaller chunks. I can breathe easier as I settle down with bite-sized jobs. Breaking tasks into manageable portions is a healthy strategy for addressing the overwhelming frenzy that can gradually consume a person with a short or broken Life Line. Watch for my next article with key words, weak Life Line in the positive and negative, and a mantra to inspire internal balance.

One highlight of our trip to India was certainly the visit to the Taj Mahal. Getting from the taxi parking area to the Taj Mahal, in itself was a fascinating adventure because we road on a covered cart led by a camel. Sam and Kyle are sitting inside of the cart below. Some how, a guide latched on to us, along with a photographer in the parking area and road with us on the camel cart.

They both spoke English and were genuine in their connection with us, especially when Raymond needed to run back to the car to reclaim his wallet. I had opportunity to read the hands of our guide, the photographer and our camel cart driver. All were inspired with my interpretations of the line configurations in their Eastern hands. I brought a copy of my book, intending to have a photo taken with me holding the book in the garden in front of the epic building.

Our guide handled the purchasing of our tickets into the property as well as hustling us through security. One glitch getting through security — snacks and my book! The snacks and my book were stuffed into and zipped up inside my purse. Both were promptly confiscated by security after the ex-ray machine revealed their identity. Our guide new how important it was to me to take my book inside.

He told me to keep quite. He spoke in Hindi, making a hard negotiation for me to retain my book. Next thing I knew, after a 3 rd security person had been engaged, our guide pushed the book back into my hands, told me to stuff it back in my purse and zip it up. They are very strict about this rule. Okay, now that my book was smuggled inside the property, I schemed how to get the illegal photo taken.

At just the right time, about 30 minutes into the tour, we looked around and observed that we were just far enough away from the security guards scattered throughout the grounds. I am in the several hundred-year-old Mosque below, neighboring the Taj Mahal, that is still attended every Sunday. Inside the Mosque there is room for nine 9 women to pray on Sundays.

I took a moment to bow in prayer above and was immediately absorbed into an indescribable presence. The moment will be unforgettable. When we live on our natural path effort is unnecessary. Think of a river as it naturally flows over rocks and around bends.

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The river is not working- yet there is a tremendous force of nature at work — carving deep canyons into mountains. When properly understood and interpreted, the hands clearly identify the potential skills, attributes, talents, strengths and preferences of an individual, as well as the potential weaknesses and blocks to overcome. A skillful hand reading and coaching with a professional can greatly change the direction and perception for possible career options. While your hand reader will offer insightful guidance, it is entirely up to you to choose what is best and right for you.

The concrete and unique information in the hands can remove the guess-work as to what is the best vocation. Your hand reader is the translator of that information to you, as the client.

Forty Lessons in Palmistry

As a scientific hand analyst I use the following checklist to begin my vocational assessment using the first component — the hand. I focus on the right hand first because it is typically considered the dominant hand. One is motivated toward what is important to him or her. As an example, productivity and reliability is important to the Earth handed person while impressions and relationships are important to the water handed person.

For example, a person with a straight, tall and upright middle Saturn finger will place value in organization, structure, discipline and responsibility.

Palmistry is Complete Hand Analysis

Now, if you blend an Earth hand with a dominant middle finger the owner will feel best in work with organizational structures providing productive and reliable outcomes — as in road construction. Rules and simplicity will be important. Conversely, the Water hand blended with a dominant middle finger will find the owner attracted to discipline and order in relationships. You may find him or her rehearsing lines for an upcoming stage performance, molding to the impression of the character he or she will play.

For example, if the fullest Mount is around the ball of the Thumb Venus zone , then the owner will be inclined to socialize, play and indulge in luxury.