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Add to GoodReads. For What It's Worth. For What It's Worth is a revealing insiders look at an influential and groundbreaking rock group whose remendous talents have gone on to achieve legendary status in the annals of rock music history.

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Besides chronicling Buffalo Springfield's roots and career, the book offers rare and personal glimpses into several seminal music scenes, notably the Greenwich Village folk movement, the embryonic San Francisco scene, and LA's Sunset Strip, along with a lesson in the pitfalls of the music industry. Written with founding member Richie Furay and including the insights, recollections, and reflections of band members, managers, close friends, associates, and contemporaries, the book paints a unique portrait of one of rock music's most beloved groups.

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So what does it all mean for the real estate market? Many of us will face some type of dementia as we age. However, thoughtful and preemptive planning can make a meaningful difference in how our wealth and well-being are attended to. From autonomous vehicles to 5G, technological innovations have taken society by storm.

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But which will have the greatest economic impact? The unrest stemmed from law enforcement officers, bowing to pressure from both business owners and home owners in the area, chose to begin enforcing a strict p.

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The Los Angeles County board of supervisors decided that getting tough was the best tactic, and rescinded the "youth permits" of twelve of the clubs frequented by youth on the Sunset Strip, deeming them off-limits to anybody under 21 years of age. The 'Sunset Strip riots' were born when the amount of youths arrested for violation of the p. There were six consecutive weekends where youth and young adults protested the enforcement of the bylaw. However it was the first night that the demonstrations were held Nov.

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