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With many different types of art activities—including coloring pages, dot-to-dots, paint-by-numbers, traceables, and printables—ABCmouse. We encourage children to continue their learning offline with printable activities that include letter and number tracing, coloring, dot-to-dot pictures, paint-by-number drawings, mazes, and pattern recognition activities. Progress Tracking. In addition to the display of total number of learning activities completed in each category books, songs, puzzles, games, and art , there are easy-to-read graphs that show progress both by academic level and by curriculum subject.

Tickets and Rewards. The Tickets and Rewards System makes learning a game, and also teaches important math skills as children keep track of tickets earned and spent. Customizable Avatar. The avatar is a character that your child can choose to represent him or herself while on ABCmouse. Interactive Zoo. Learn facts about each animal and read books, play games, and do puzzles and art activities for each one.

Your child can choose exotic tropical fish and other items to put in the Classroom Aquarium and learn lots of interesting fish facts at the same time. Interactive Farm.

ABC - Rubber Ducks In Display

Watch beautiful animations of our farm animals, learn fun and interesting facts about each one, and do farm-related activities. I think this site is fantastic.

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ABC's Of Self-Care: Dealing With Compassion Fatigue

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    Learning Videos for Toddlers - Counting, ABC & Learn Colours - Learn English For Kids

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