Everyone Came. Tales of Last Century New Zealand: New Zealand short stories, humour tragedy and truth

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This fascinating account of Stanley Kubrick at work from the point of view of right-hand man Leon Vitali offers rare insights into the elusive filmmaking legend — and the total dedication he inspired. A country priest Ethan Hawke questions his faith after an unnerving encounter with a radical environmentalist in this searing thriller from the writer of Taxi Driver and Raging Bull. This collection of accomplished and affecting short films shares stories made by Kiwis around the world. An Israeli family wrestles with loss as soldiers at a remote checkpoint battle ennui in this daring, visionary tragidrama from the director of Lebanon.

Buster Keaton, the stone-faced genius of silent-era comedy, at his funniest and most thrilling in an exquisite new digital restoration of the most serenely locomotive movie ever made.

Belgian filmmaker Lukas Dhont won the award for best first feature at Cannes with this empathetic, emotionally rich portrait of a year-old trans girl who aspires to become a ballerina. Social satire meets secret love meets beastly fairy tale in this wickedly assured shape-shifter from Brazil. A suspended police officer assigned to dispatcher duty is caught in a web of intrigue in this pulsating Danish thriller, jam-packed with mystery and suspense despite never leaving a cramped emergency call centre. A soaring, evocative audio-visual journey into the life, culture and landscapes of one of Australia's most beloved singers — the late Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu.

This elegant new film from the director of Crossing Rachmaninoff takes us backstage at the Royal New Zealand Ballet as a brilliantly theatrical European interpretation of a New Zealand classic re-enters the culture that inspired it. Financial crisis proves to be the crack that lets the light into the lives of a high-living lesbian couple, together for 30 years, in this superb first film from Paraguay.

The film that opened the first Auckland International Film Festival is a Scandinavian classic, an intense, superbly acted portrait of a self-dramatising young writer and the late 19th-Century society he rejects. The life and artistry of trailblazing Olympic figure skater and dancer John Curry are revisited in this timely doco which sheds light on his enduring legacy, featuring rare footage of his legendary performances.

The latest essay film from Jean-Luc Godard, still going strong, is a dense yet intellectually dexterous vision board on cinema, image-making and the state of the world. Led by powerful turns from Adel Karam and Kamel El Basha awarded Best Actor at Venice , this engrossing Oscar-nominated courtroom drama explores the nature of conflict with explosive results.

At the end of the day

Shot without permits in Afghanistan, this spectacular and powerful redemption drama from the director of Son of a Lion brings a needed fresh perspective to conflict in the Islamic world. Maggie Gyllenhaal is riveting as a teacher and aspiring poet thrown off kilter by the conviction that only she can guard and nurture the lyric talent of a gifted five-year-old student.

Has America entered its Fat Elvis phase? Now, at 89 years old the top-selling female artist in the world, Yayoi Kusama overcame family opposition, sexism, racism and mental illness to bring her radical artistic vision to the world stage. A grieving couple take an interest in the withdrawn young man their son drowned saving in this emotionally intense, but deftly measured drama from South Korea. Filmmaker Laetitia Carton draws us into the beating heart of the traditional dance festival that attracts dancers and musicians from across Europe every summer to Gennetines in central France.

An exhilarating exploration of freedom under restraint from a director under house arrest, this resonant, exuberant picture of musicianship and band life is based on the lives of two stars of pre-perestroika Leningrad rock. Stunningly restored after years of neglect, the quintessential cult item of drills into a gender fluid New York New Wave club scene of fashionista warfare, hard drugs and extra-terrestrial visitation.


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Affecting and uplifting, this beautiful hybrid of documentary and animated fiction tells the story of a young girl as imagined by a group of orphaned Swazi children. This highly entertaining portrait follows the changing fortunes of a Spanish family headed by an eccentric matriarch, whose improbable teenage dreams came true. A popular hit and award winner at home and abroad. In a role written with her director husband, Brazilian actress Karine Teles The Second Mother is utterly captivating as a full-time wife, sister, aunt, and mother of four with chaos management skills to match.

After an idiosyncratic career of iconic roles for everyone from Wim Wenders to David Lynch, the late Harry Dean Stanton hangs up his hat with this wryly funny, affecting character study. Bracingly fresh and riotously entertaining, this portrait of a talented young actress torn between her overbearing mother and an ambitious director stars Miranda July, Molly Parker and striking newcomer Helena Howard. From refugee daughter of a Tamil revolutionary and aspiring filmmaker to pop stardom and controversy magnet: this stimulating documentary about Sri Lankan musician M.

In this illuminating documentary portrait, Sir Ian McKellen looks back at the six decades of his glittering career, from his early success on UK stages through to his towering performances in film.

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Filmmaker Tony Hiles observes his friend Michael Smither, the painter, composer — and, in this film, singer too — as he rethinks work he deems unsuccessful and finds consolation and inspiration in poetry. This beautifully observed account of love, loss and renewal eschews drama to contemplate the everyday world of a young woman on the economic fringes, and tenderly extols her stoic capacity for love and happiness.

The architecture of tragedy

This electric time-lapse portrait of three skateboarders dropping into manhood bears all the hallmarks of its executive producer Steve James Hoop Dreams : empathetic, unsentimental and profoundly involving. Looking and sounding better than ever in this 50th anniversary 4K restoration. This Soviet-era favourite is a loving chronicle of the lives of three feisty provincial girls who emigrate to Moscow in , tracing their romantic and professional lives through 20 years of friendship. Shirley Horrocks, cine-biographer of many notable New Zealand artists, delivers an invaluable survey of the work and legacy of one of our most exceptional scientists and public figures.

In this constantly surprising, exquisitely appointed drama, a young painter secures a residency at a large family estate in the Catalan countryside to study under the ageing artist and owner she suspects is her father. How did the contemporary art market become so lucrative? In this hilarious and unnerving documentary filmmaker Nathaniel Kahn My Architect elicits revealing answers from buyers, sellers, critics and the artists themselves. When Agnes Kelly Macdonald receives a jigsaw for her birthday, it opens a surprising new avenue in her life and leads her to meet Robert Irrfan Khan , an avid competitive puzzler who triggers a reassessment of her situation.

In a rare 35mm print.

Island Stories

RBG is a revelatory documentary exploring her exceptional life and career. The sexual connection between a Palestinian man and an Israeli woman risks more than their respective marriages when they are caught together at the wrong place and wrong time. The Oscar-winning Japanese composer The Last Emperor ; Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence , synth-pop pioneer, electronica experimentalist and environmentalist reflects on his work and influences in this intimate portrait.

Festival Favourite Award winner at Sundance, this immensely engaging doco shares the lively personalities and inspiring projects of nine teenage scientists as they converge at a major international competition in LA. Drawing upon the rich cultural traditions of Bali, this mesmerisingly beautiful film invites us into the magical and mysterious dream world shared by a young girl and her seriously ill twin brother. Presented by Miss Conception films, who focus on female-led stories, this fresh dispatch from the heartland introduces two legendary shearers — and three in the making — as they head for black-shirt glory at the Golden Shears.

The Wolfpack director Crystal Moselle returns with a free wheeling, often funny fiction debut about young female skateboarders in New York City, featuring real-life crew Skate Kitchen. In a quiet suburban Buenos Aires street, three investigators dare to set foot in the most terrifying house imaginable. In an age of hot takes and hype machinery, this mind-blowing doco is the rare WTF true story entirely worthy of its breathless hyperbole.

A melancholy thriller of love and limbo, the latest film from director Christian Petzold Barbara , Phoenix expertly blends historical fact with contemporary milieux in its tale of a German Jew who flees to Marseille. In this searing close-up chronicle of the battle to impeach Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff, Maria Augusta Ramos shines a light on the bitter divisions in a country where politics, commerce and corruption appear inextricable. A deftly made, delightfully illustrated, femme-focused animated film from Colombia about growing up in a decidedly unconventional family.

A traditional family wedding in Palestine puts strain on the relationship between an old school father and his cosmopolitan expat son in this wry family drama. A fast, funny documentary on the life, looks and times of the British fashion designer, business woman, environmental activist — and unreconstructed punk — Vivienne Westwood.

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Surrounded by breathtaking scenery and cold-blooded betrayals, wives Jackie and Jules attempt to celebrate — and survive — their one-year anniversary in this slick horror-thriller. Isabelle Adjani is the safe-cracking matriarch and Karim Leklou is her son who longs for a Mr Freeze franchise and a quiet life in this Cannes hit, a rollercoaster crime caper from writer-director Romain Gavras. Kiwi director Pietra Brettkelly takes us into the opulent world of show-stopping Chinese designer Guo Pei as she prepares to make her Paris debut and seeks admission into the exclusive club of haute couture.

Lynne Ramsay, director of Ratcatcher and We Need to Talk About Kevin , teams with Joaquin Phoenix for a startling, nerve-shredding thriller about a brutal hitman contracted to save an abducted teen. Angie Costa Botes Angie Meiklejohn, prominent and articulate Centrepoint survivor, is joined by her siblings in this lucid exploration of the legacy of sexual abuse, directed without a hint of sensationalism by Costa Botes.

Animation NOW! Crazy Towne A wild and otherworldly programme of animation at its craziest and most creative. Dark Hearts A powerful collection of animation exploring the singular creative visions of artists in touch with the dark side of the human condition. Fresh Eyes on Estonia A wellspring for innovation and invention in animation, we celebrate Estonia and its new generation of audacious, forward-thinking animators. Handmade Drawings move, paintings come to life and puppets take the stage, one painstaking frame at a time. International Showcase An inspiring selection of new, award-winning animated works from around the world.

Arctic Joe Penna This snowbound endurance thriller, shot spectacularly on location in Iceland, stars Mads Mikkelsen as the sole survivor of an air crash, stranded somewhere in the barren wastlelands of the Arctic. Blue Moon Stefen Harris Mark Hadlow and Jed Brophy stand-off in this trickily plotted thriller about a service station owner who rashly appropriates a stash of stolen drug money. Desert Hearts Donna Deitch The landmark lesbian love story returns to the giant screen as vibrant, beautiful and celebratory as ever. Diamantino Gabriel Abrantes, Daniel Schmidt A universally adored, very loving but somewhat clueless Portuguese soccer star is co-opted for nefarious political ends in this outrageously bonkers satire of vacuous media and surging nationalism in Europe.

The Distant Barking of Dogs Simon Lereng Wilmont This searching, poignant documentary immerses us in the world of a lively ten-year-old boy and his loving grandmother living perilously close to the frontlines of the war in Eastern Ukraine. The other is to look at their tails.