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Kris Zellner is joined by John McAdam Stick to Wrestling as we continue our journey through John's classic "Wrestling from the 80's" video compilation series with Volume 8. This was a very fun show, so you best not miss it!!!!! We talk about the "Curtain Call" by The Clique at Madison Square Garden and why it might have happened in the first place, which no one really talks about. We also look at the immediate aftermath, especially regarding Hunter Hearst Helmsley. All that and much more on a very fun episode of BTS. This was a loaded show, so you can't miss it!!!!! For the full show, go to Patreon.

How much jeopardy was the PPV deal ever really in?

Why exactly did anyone think the Torch crew did anything wrong? What is rumor vs.

And much, much more. A very fun show, so listen now!!!! All that and tons more on a highly entertaining episode of Between the Sheets We also talk about all the other issues in ECW including Paul Heyman trying to lock up all the talent he can. We also go over RAW, Smackdown, and much more.

This is a tremendous show that can't be missed!!!! Kris and David are guestless this week as we discuss the week that was April , We talk about the sale of the Universal Wrestling Federation to Jim Crockett Promotions and the thought process at the time on how that would affect the wrestling business.

Another tremendous 80's show, so listen now!!!!!! We talk about WCW planning for the initial Slamboree as well as dealing with people coming and going from the roster. All that and more on a damn fun episode of BTS!!!!! This is a tremendous show as Barry has many great stories to tell and even some on Eddie Gilbert which must be heard to be believed. Listen now!!!!


We talk about the first ever WWF Draft, including all of the reasoning behind each move, the behind the scenes matters influencing, everything, and lots of information that most people haven't heard before. This is a loaded show, so you better not miss it!!!!! A humdinger of a show, so listen now!!!! We talk about the huge power struggle in WCW between Hulk Hogan and the Wolfpac which indirectly caused the firing of Sean Waltman and how that is affecting the promotion as a whole.

Tremendous show, so definitely give it a listen!!!!! Very fun show, so don't miss it!!!! This is great stuff, so don't miss it!!!! Jim Herd has just been hired to run WCW, Jimmy Crockett is basically being ousted as as the chair of the steering committee, and the company needs a booker. So Jim Barnett suggests George Scott, who hasn't booked in over two years, when he had a disastrous run in World Class after being fired by the WWF.

In a little more than two months, George, among other things, decimates the quality of the TV shows, slows the in-ring style to a crawl, book Steven Dane to go 18 minutes, books house show lineups that have no relation to the TV feuds, oversees some disastrous production issues, throws random tag teams together for no apparent reason, hires the green son of one of the opposition's top road agents, makes Jim Cornette and others think he has dementia, gives Jack Reynolds a tryout, and refuses to promote a Clash of the Champions special on TV.

If you love "WCW, everybody! Or just go to TinyURL. Aleksandr Karelin, which was a major news story in its day. We also discuss the major unrest in WCW that is starting up and how that is affecting the promotion, including Rey Misterio Jr. For the best in both current and classic indie wrestling streaming, make sure to check out Powerbomb.

angel is a devil in the sheets

D" David Shultz, including all of the controversy surrounding it. We then go over about the comings and goings in the WWF including a great weekend of business capped off by The War to Settle the Score. A tremendous show that can't be missed, so listen now!!!! We talk about Jim Crockett taking over St. We also talk about the beginning of the New Japan vs. Damn fun show, so don't miss it!!!!!!!! You better listen now!!!!! This is a show that will go down in the books as one of our best, no doubt, so you better not miss it!!!!

After all, Ron West prided himself in getting that sort of thing correct… For the full show, go to Patreon. After we set the table in Part 1, we jump back to the middle of August , after USA Championship Wrestling has been sold to David Woods, resulting in the reintegration of the east Tennessee circuit into Continental. We take a look at the dearth and inaccuracy of Continental information in the newsletters when Eddie Gilbert and Paul Heyman weren't there, Brian Pillman's planned move to Alabama, Eddie overdoing certain types of angles and angles in general , the differences in the coverage of Matwatch and the Observer, David Woods overcomplicating everything by airing USA reruns before CWF in Montgomery, the disastrous expansion and resulting roster bloat, Ron West replacing Jack Curtis as GM, ridiculous claims about Bam Bam Bigelow's pay, and more before getting to the main event: Eddie's "injury" and departure.

Did Eddie fake a neck and shoulder injury? Why did he blatantly lie about not wrestling outside of a favor for his dad while he was out? Did Jerry Jarrett sabotage him from the outside?

Did Missy Hyatt accidentally sabotage him? Was Eddie reeling too hard from the death of the UWF and trying to turn a dozen wrestler small territory into a national promotion? Plus how did Steve Beverly tell the story differently in the Matwatch farewell annual four years later? All that and MUCH more in a great show, one of our very best yet. A really fun show with some cool clips, so check it out!!!!! Scott is awesome on these shows, and this is yet another example of that, so listen now!!!!

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This is an extremely fun show, so check it out!!! Kris Zellner is joined by John McAdam for another installment of our "Wrestling from the 80's" series, and this time we focus on Volume 5 of his set. This is a damn fun show, so listen now!!! We talk about Starrcade 94 and all the matches and angles from the show including Vader confronting Hogan after the main event where Randy Savage made his presence known.

Very fun show, so don't miss it!!! We also discuss about Sgt. Kris attended that show, which featured the biggest surprise that anyone could've ever wanted.


Dom was awesome as a guest, so everyone listen to this show ASAP!!!!! Kris Zellner is joined by Jeff G. We talk about all the ups and downs that JCP had during the last half of , starting with the awesome Great American Bash tour, which is highlighted by the initial War Games on July 4th at The Omni in Atlanta and ending with the aftermath of Starrcade 87 with the promotion trying to start fresh with new angles. We talk about all the major angles and matches that took place during those 6 months and the malaise that took over in the Fall, including the reasons why that happened.

This was extremely fun, as Jeff is always a great guest, so listen now!!! An extremely good show, so make sure you listen!!!!

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We talk about Sgt. Slaughter's departure from the WWF including what exactly the real story was, well as the departure of Rocky Johnson and the debut of George Wells. Damn fun show, so check it out!!! A very strong show, so listen now!!!! We were wrong. We hit the indie scene including Jim Cornette in Memphis before a WCW section that is full on awesome, with a Nitro that no one can ever forget, including Lex Luger playing the part he was born to play. A tremendous show, so don't miss it!!! This is a show you won't forget, especially Mr. O'Connor's takes.

Do not miss this!! A really fun show, so check it out!!! A highly entertaining show, so listen now!!!! We go with back-to-back weeks from the same year for the first time ever and give updates on the major news items from the previous week. Dangerously suspension story which we may have changed the narrative of. A very awesome show, with Scott really bringing the insight on the Gilbert story. We talk about Paul E. Really a fantastic show and a definite must-listen!!!!!!