Dance of the Innocents: A Novel

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She's a natural on the pole and is pulling down huge tips until she is brutally murdered.

The investigation into her death turns into a three-ring circus, and Lillie Virgil recruits Quinn Colson to come back to work for the county, this time as her deputy. As things spin out of control, even Lillie and Quinn working together may not be enough to hold back the chaos.

The Innocents Abroad, by Mark Twain

This is another very good entry in an excellent series. In his fictional Tibbehah County, Atkins has created a fully-formed world with believable characters who range from being extremely sympathetic to downright loathsome. Quinn Colson, in particular, is a very appealing protagonist, and it's always fun spending a few hours with him in his home county, even if it might not be a place where I'd enjoy living on a permanent basis. View all 3 comments.

Nov 28, Liz rated it it was amazing. Like its predecessors, The Innocents is fairly dark in terms of its methods, motives, and language, so be warned. Uncluttered writing, authentic characters, and slow, southern dialogue all contribute to the gritty atmosphere that Atkins has developed in this town of Jericho, Misssissippi. The mystery is there but not at the forefront. In fact, the best thing about this story is how Lillie, Quinn and company go after the bad guys, rather than who the bad guys actually are.

And then, just when I thought they had seen it all down there, Atkins throws a curveball and sets us up for the next installment. Start with The Ranger and see how addictive this series can be. View all 9 comments.

Michael Crummey - "The Innocents"

Oh boy, this book was good, can't wait to read the next one! The Innocents, apparently, is Quinn Colson 6 — it is the first one I have read and has immediately sent me rushing towards the back catalogue -Quinn as a character immediately engaged me, this one set in Tibbehah, Mississippi it also had that small town southern noir feel that I have loved muchly in other novels. Quinn is a returning character, back from overseas, not looking to reinstate himself into the police until a tragedy occurs that sets the whole town reeling and plenty of accusations flying, so he finds himself lured back into the mire.

The setting is so beautifully described that you could almost feel like you lived there yourself. The characters are diverse, eclectic, often very quirky and the community dynamic is divisive and entirely fascinating.

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Cleverly plotted and ultimately somewhat unexpected, Ace Atkins digs deep into the prejudices, realities and often criminal existence of this populace with a wonderfully vivid and distinctive prose. And hey look I have 5 other books to add to my never ending and ever growing to be read pile. Highly Recommended. View 1 comment. Aug 28, Glen rated it liked it Shelves: men-s-adventure , police-procedural. After he returns from a war zone, Quinn colson has to deal with his usual family and romance problems, as well as solve the case of who lit high school cheerleader on fire.

Not bad, but as usual, the antagonists don't seem much of a threat. It seems like a place holder novel, that culminates in a later book. Still very readable. Nov 26, Faith rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed , netgalley. This is the sixth book in the series featuring Quinn Colson, and it's the second one that I have read. Colson is back in Tibbehah County, Mississippi, after his freelance work with the military, and is again working with the acting Sheriff Lillie Virgil.

Colson and Virgil make a good team, but it is all the other characters in this book that really give it color and atmosphere. There are gradations of innocence with these people, and most of them can't seem to keep clean no matter what their int This is the sixth book in the series featuring Quinn Colson, and it's the second one that I have read. There are gradations of innocence with these people, and most of them can't seem to keep clean no matter what their intentions are as evidenced by the last, sad scene in the book.

The chief crime being investigated by the police is the murder of a teenage girl who has recently begun working at a strip joint. Even though I knew early on in the book who had killed her and why, I still enjoyed watching the investigation progress. There were other crimes along the way as well as racism and bullying, and also one unorthodox but in my view justifiable use of a water hose.

Fortunately, from my point of view, Colson's horrible girlfriend Anna Lee isn't in this book very much, but sadly not gone entirely. I really disliked her in the last book. I enjoyed this book very much and will probably read more of the series. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.

This is the first book that I have read in this series. Nothing like starting in the middle.


There aren't many people in this story who aren't at least partial scumbags. I doubt that Mississippi would us this to promote tourism. But if you have ever driven through Mississippi, why would you want to visit? Jul 25, Susan Johnson added it Shelves: vine. You would think after all the mysteries I've read that I could figure out who the bad guy is right away. I didn't in this one but once their identity was revealed it made perfect sense. All the clues were there.

Book Launch- “Innocents” (Cathal Gunning)

I just believed one of the red herrings. Drats, foiled again. This is the sixth Quinn Colson novel but the first one I've read. It was quite easy to follow as a stand alone even though you know you missed some background. The characters are all very vivid and I really didn't like his hi You would think after all the mysteries I've read that I could figure out who the bad guy is right away. The characters are all very vivid and I really didn't like his high school girlfriend, Anna Lee, who is still married but separated.

Quinn comes from a quirky family. His father is a former stuntman and his sister runs a rescue camp where abused people can go to recover. The plot is quite interesting. It centers around Milly Jones, a young woman, who takes up pole dancing for the money to get the heck out of town. She is found running down the highway one night engulfed in fire screaming for help. This is not a spoiler.

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It's in the book's blurb. What happened to Milly? How did she end up in this situation and who did it? I guessed wrong. The prose is smooth and it was easy to keep the pages turning. I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next. That's the sign of a good book to me. This author also writes Robert Parker books. I have never read any of them not written by Parker but maybe emulating Parker keeps the writing sparse and succinct. Here's what I didn't like. I never got a sense of place. It supposedly takes place in Mississippi. I didn't realize Mississippi had cowboys so it kept me thinking it was set in the West, someplace like Nevada or Montana.

It really had a Longmire feel to me. The descriptions of the houses littered with trash, cars up on blocks and Confederate flags flying could have easily been in the West too. Other than talking about popping into Memphis, I never felt like it was a Southern setting. Still it had a great plot, interesting characters and was well worth the read. Dec 03, Harvey rated it really liked it Shelves: crime-mystery-read-in Tibbedah County sure has some fine characters.

Delves into some very contemporary complex issues along with the remnants of the Old South. Less than smooth ending and how Colson's love live is evolving keep this from a full 5 star. View 2 comments. Feb 07, Meg rated it really liked it Shelves: crime-and-mystery , fiction , owned. Book 5 in this series brought together all the threads from the previous 4 books. Book 6 offers nowhere near as much closure, and seems to be setting up future stories.

The central story was good though and it is always great to catch up with Quinn and the rest of Jericho. Aug 29, Bill Reed rated it really liked it.

The Innocents by Michael Crummey

Great read. The ending was not what I expected. Better than the previous book in the series. Thanks to netgalley.