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Tool Triangle : Place the numbers on the triangle so that the totals along each of the sides are equal. Triple Totals : Complete the sums using only the given numbers then check your calculations are correct. Triplets : Find as many sets of three of the available numbers as possible which add up to the given total. Twin Totals : Find the two calculations that give the same total.

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Two Numbers : Find the two numbers whose sum and product are given. Two Thirds : Make a poster showing a variety of calculations that give the answer two thirds. Unmagic Square : Arrange the numbers 1 to 9 in a 3 by 3 grid so that none of the line totals are the same. Use the digits : Create a calculation with the given digits to equal a given target. Verruca Value : The Verruca Value of a word is the number of vowels multiplied by the number of consonants. How many words can you find with Verruca Value of 24?

Warm Up : Four quick Maths questions to warm up the brain. Weather Report : Find five integers that multiply together to give a product of twelve. What are they? Word Difference : Can you find substitutions which will make the word sum correct? Word Sum : Each letter stands for a different digit. Can you make sense of word sum? Wrong Way Round : Find calculations which written back to front give the same answer.

Divisible by 11 : Can you prove that a three digit number whose first and third digits add up to the value of the second digit must be divisible by eleven? Four Fraction Division : Explain why the answer to a series of fraction divisions is a whole number. X Divided by 2Y : Why do different calculators not agree on the order of operations? Index of Advanced Starters. Interactive, randomly-generated, number-based logic puzzle designed to develop numeracy skills. The short web address is: Transum.

Pupils should be taught to add and subtract whole numbers with more than 4 digits, including using formal written methods columnar addition and subtraction more Pupils should be taught to solve addition and subtraction multi-step problems in contexts, deciding which operations and methods to use and why more Pupils should be taught to multiply numbers up to 4 digits by a one- or two-digit number using a formal written method, including long multiplication for two-digit numbers more Pupils should be taught to divide numbers up to 4 digits by a one-digit number using the formal written method of short division and interpret remainders appropriately for the context more Pupils should be taught to multiply and divide whole numbers and those involving decimals by 10, and more Pupils should be taught to solve problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and a combination of these, including understanding the meaning of the equals sign more Pupils should be taught to multiply multi-digit numbers up to 4 digits by a two-digit whole number using the formal written method of long multiplication more Pupils should be taught to divide numbers up to 4 digits by a two-digit whole number using the formal written method of long division, and interpret remainders as whole number remainders, fractions, or by rounding, as appropriate for the context more Pupils should be taught to divide numbers up to 4 digits by a two-digit number using the formal written method of short division where appropriate, interpreting remainders according to the context more Pupils should be taught to use their knowledge of the order of operations to carry out calculations involving the four operations more Pupils should be taught to identify the value of each digit in numbers given to three decimal places and multiply and divide numbers by 10, and giving answers up to three decimal places more Pupils should be taught to solve problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division more Pupils should be taught to multiply one-digit numbers with up to two decimal places by whole numbers more Pupils should be taught to use written division methods in cases where the answer has up to two decimal places more Pupils should be taught to use the four operations, including formal written methods, applied to integers, decimals, proper and improper fractions, and mixed numbers, all both positive and negative more Pupils should be taught to use conventional notation for the priority of operations, including brackets, powers, roots and reciprocals more We have just started to use the 'starter-of-the-day' in our yr9 lessons to try them out before we change from a high school to a secondary school in September.

This is one of the best resources on-line we have found. The kids and staff love it. Well done an thank you very much for making my maths lessons more interesting and fun. The only problem is that there is too much good stuff here!!

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  • We developed it into a whole lesson and I borrowed some hats from the drama department to add to the fun! Keep it up and thank you! My students would often turn up early to tackle the starter of the day as there were stamps for the first 5 finishers. We also had a lot of fun with the fun maths. All in all your resources provoked discussion and the students had a lot of fun.

    Lovely resource for stimulating learning and getting eveyone off to a good start. Thank you!!

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    To engage them I used their name and favorite football team or pop group instead of the school name. For homework, I asked each student to find a definition for the key words they had been given once they had fun trying to guess the answer and they presented their findings to the rest of the class the following day. They felt really special because the key words came from their own personal information. Lots of interesting discussions and questions have arisen out of the activities.

    Thanks for such a great resource! I don't know were I would turn to with out you! The variety of material is interesting and exciting and always engages the teacher and pupils. Keep them coming please. I have so much material to use in class and inspire me to try something a little different more often.

    I am going to show my maths department your website and encourage them to use it too. How lovely that you have compiled such a great resource to help teachers and pupils. Thanks again". Comment recorded on the 25 June 'Starter of the Day' page by Inger. It is so good to have such a collection.

    More Practice Problems with Arithmetic Sequence Formula

    We use them for all age groups and abilities. Have particularly enjoyed KIM's game, as we have not used that for Mathematics before. Keep up the good work and thank you very much Best wishes from Inger Kisby". My class and I really enjoy doing the activites.

    Only recently been discovered but is used daily with all my classes. It is particularly useful when things can be saved for further use. Thank you!


    Lots of good ideas for starters. Use it most of the time in KS3. Comment recorded on the 18 September 'Starter of the Day' page by Mrs. I set it as an optional piece of work for my year 11's over a weekend and one girl came up with 3 independant solutions. Fantastic way to engage the pupils at the start of a lesson. Thank you for being so creative and imaginative. Keep up the good work". Is the collection available on CD? Are solutions available? We all often use the starters as the pupils come in the door and get settled as we take the register.

    They are of immence help and the students enjoy them very much.


    These starters have saved my time and have made my lessons enjoyable. I was about to try and get together a bank of starters but time is always required elsewhere, so thank you. The questions are so varied I can use them with all of my classes, I even let year 13 have a go at some of them. I like being able to access the whole month so I can use favourites with classes I see at different times of the week.

    The range of questioning provided is excellent as are some of the images. I rate this site as a 5!

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    It is lovely to have so many different ideas to start a lesson with. Thank you very much and keep up the good work.