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After a conversation with Henry, Vincent announces that the DNA found on Seth was the drug dealer's, and the case is closed. Henry then meets with Annie and makes his "final offer" of a job. When she refuses, he threatens her and tells her that Auggie's ex-lover Helen is not dead as Auggie had claimed. Annie recognizes an old photo of Helen Michelle Ryan as Teresa, the woman who was delivering Arthur's payments to Teo. Confronted, Arthur explains that Helen's apparent death was an elaborate ruse on her part and that she now works for him on weapons proliferation.

Helen visits Auggie and explains that she needed to be independent of him to continue in the CIA. Helen has learned that Stavros' missing launchers were diverted by an Interpol official working with Henry, and she and Annie are sent to Lyon by Arthur to try to buy them back. When Henry shows up there, Helen urges Annie to abort the mission and then rescues her from a setup when she tries to pursue the deal anyway.

Barber and another tech decode an image from Seth's flash drive for Auggie, and it shows that Henry was in Colombia with Eduardo, a terrorist linked to Teo. Calder determines that Annie lied about who killed Stavros. When Annie returns to Washington, she and Auggie suspend their romantic relationship. Auggie is able to locate Teo in Scotland with his new tracking system. Annie meets with him and convinces him to meet with Arthur in Virginia; they are far from reconciled but agree to work together. Calder asks Joan for permission to investigate Annie, and she responds by transferring Annie to work directly for her.

The plan is for Annie to move Eduardo from one CIA prison to another in Indiana, using Joan's authorization, placing Eduardo and Teo together in the back of a van to elicit information.

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Calder arrives to question Eduardo, just after Annie has left with him and added Teo to the back of the van. Eduardo says that Henry has been funding the ALC for years and arranged the bombing that killed Teo's mother. Suddenly an unknown driver forces the van to crash and begins shooting. Teo and Annie escape separately and Eduardo is apparently killed in an explosion.

She warns Auggie, who is able only to wipe his hard drives before Calder and a large team arrive. They find his safe, containing Seth's real flash drive, and Calder takes Auggie away for questioning. Annie follows Teo to Copenhagen, where Henry is attending a conference, and disrupts Teo's attempt to assassinate him.

She is held by Danish authorities and then suddenly released, to be picked up by Henry and shown his full plan for revenge on Arthur. Henry's men have captured Teo and have one of the missing missile launchers; they use it to destroy a helicopter with six aboard including an American official in a way that makes it appear that Teo fired it. In DC, Arthur consults a lawyer about his plan to come clean about Teo.

She says that he may escape treason charges as long as Teo's terrorist activities have not resulted in the death of any Americans. Calder tells Auggie that he wants to learn the truth from him rather than turn him in for evidence tampering. They return to CIA headquarters where Auggie helps decrypt the flash drive.

Calder is surprised to see the photo of Henry and Eduardo, and Auggie and Joan conclude that he is not working for Henry after all. Annie helps Teo escape from Denmark, but he is shot in the thigh.

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She drives him to a US base in Germany, where Arthur meets them, but the doctors are unable to save Teo. In the wake of the missile attack and Teo's death, Arthur is brought back to DC and placed in custody, Joan is relieved of duty as DCS, Annie is a fugitive in Germany, and Calder is sent with a team to bring Annie back.

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She is able to reach Frankfurt, evade pursuit, and discover that Henry had dinner with a woman there on his way to Copenhagen. But Henry's man kills the head of Calder's team; the CIA believe Annie did it and reclassify her as a rogue, to be met with deadly force.

Henry is brought into the CIA building as a consultant at the urging of the senator Joan earlier blackmailed. Auggie attacks him and is led out of the building. Auggie and Joan the latter in the hospital with preeclampsia learn that the woman Henry met with was Sana, his ex-wife and Jai's mother. Annie is able to meet with Calder alone on a rooftop and asks for his help. He lets her escape and tells his team and the CIA that she is going to attack a particular floor of a bank. When she does so, he intercepts her elevator and apparently shoots her, telling the CIA she is dead.

As she is moved out, Henry's man checks her pulse and believes her dead. She is loaded onto a hearse driven by Eyal, who revives her with an injection, gives her a Mossad file on Sana, and wishes her well as she disappears into the night. Christine Moore. Annie changes her appearance and travels to Geneva, where she rents an apartment and join's Sana's grief support group.

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After a few weeks, Sana has befriended her and given her a job with her fiance's consulting firm. But one of that firm's potential clients turns out to be "Goodman", the agent of Henry's who framed Teo for the helicopter attack.

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He recognizes Annie, but she is able to attack and subdue him before he can text Henry. As she is loading Goodman into the trunk of his car, Sana stops her at gunpoint. Annie at least temporarily convinces Sana to work with her, and they bring Goodman to Annie's apartment. She begins an enhanced interrogation while Goodman mocks her technique.

As she is about to escalate to electric shock, Sana interrupts the interrogation and inadvertently allows Goodman to escape, until he is fatally shot in the ensuing fight with Annie. Annie and Sana then clean the apartment and flee. Joan returns to work in an obscure CIA office, and Arthur is released to house arrest to be with her. Annie and Sana return to Goodman's hotel room where Annie finds a laptop and flash drive in a safe.

She cannot break into the laptop without help, but the flash drive contains "evidence" linking Sana's fiance David to the helicopter attack. Without consulting Sana, Annie launches her plot against Henry by planting the evidence on David's computer, whereupon he is taken away for questioning by Interpol.

Annie then gets an angry Sana to beg Henry to come to Geneva, where she interrupts their meeting by texting Henry on Goodman's phone. As Goodman, she extorts a large sum of money from Henry, in the hope of identifying his financial network. But just as Henry is about to transfer the money, he learns that Goodman is dead. He finds and confronts Sana while Annie hides and observes , threatening her and also saying that he will find and kill the "Jessica Matthews" who led her to betray him.

Sana then breaks off cooperation with Annie, saying that she has become a monster like Henry. In Washington, Joan notices Auggie talking to Calder in the building to advance their plot to split Henry and Braithwaite and she confronts him, but he does not reveal that Annie is alive. Arthur and Joan send Helen to Geneva to find out more about Henry. She visits Auggie before leaving, saying she still loves him. In Geneva, she follows Henry to his last meeting with Sana and afterward observes Annie leaving.

Annie finds Hughes' daughter and learns of a cabin in the Virginia woods at a site she knows Henry to have visited; she goes there and takes photos of the interior but cannot get in alone. Calder leads a team to the cabin, but it explodes when they try to enter. From the photos, Auggie and Barber are able to find the key to a book cipher and read an incriminating message from Hughes to Henry on the laptop.

Joan and Arthur decide to depose themselves in order to try and reveal the truth about Henry, but Arthur is dismayed when he learns that Joan had authorized Teo's torture in Medellin. Auggie asks Helen to find Annie, who is not yet communicating with him. She tries and fails to tail Calder, but then observes a meeting between Annie and Calder at Annie's gravesite. Annie detects her afterward and they talk.

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Helen and Auggie have sex, but they both realize that Auggie is still in love with Annie. Annie prepares to go to New York by bus to find Nelson Smith, the man who was going to transfer money to Henry. Henry tracks her to the bus terminal but Helen intercepts him there. He asserts that she is Jessica Matthews; she agrees, whereupon he shoots her.

Annie gets off the bus and goes to Auggie's apartment. She knocks on the door, but does not respond when he answers.

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Annie comes to Auggie with the news of Helen's murder. Auggie, distraught, asks Eric Barber to monitor Henry's house. Annie tracks down Nelson Smith, who ultimately gains the drop on her and threatens to expose her to Henry, only to have her remind him that Henry will likely have him killed once he's finished his work.

Smith gives her 48 hours to stop Henry and informs her that he has been moving his money through a Brooklyn diamond dealer to Hong Kong. Joan visits the dealership and runs into Annie, who explains to her what she's been doing. Joan calls Calder and asks him to detain Henry.

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Both Calder and Auggie send in teams to raid Henry's house only to find a decoy. In Hong Kong, Annie and Calder track the courier carrying Henry's diamonds but lose him in a crowd just before he passes them off and is then killed by a passing car. Annie goes to the Hong Kong police as a bystander to see their surveillance tapes, and determines that the recipient of the diamond was Oliver Lee, an official of the Chinese Ministry of State Security.