Adventures of a Salsa Goddess (A ROMANTIC COMEDY)

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Since we're here, let's search for Fire Swords. Maybe they stashed a few before moving to Canadia. Here's Takama's ninja training manual for super skulking! I can't wait to try these moves! Papa will be so proud of me when we sneak up on the Creepies! Is there any way the guests could get their pictures taken at the dance?

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They'd be very grateful! Last day of school! My summer plans? I'm gonna pull off the ultimate prank, duh! Got all summer to work on this. Smell ya later, class is gonna start. Good morning, stupendous scholars! If you all are good today, I'll show you something super special. Ready to get started? And that concludes our last lesson for the school year!

It was a pleasure to teach you all this year! As a reward, I will show you all the secret Isle This is amazing! Can we go? The Isle is what I look forward to all year! Wally, this is going to be another amazing vacation, just like always! Two adventurers digging up secrets hiding in the sand!

I got my shovel ready, let's go! Golden sand! Just like King Lionheart's magnificent mane. I wonder if he's hiding out there, relaxing in the sun and sand Digging up secrets can wait, let's have some fun first! What do you guys say to building King Lionheart's castle?! This is what I was talking about! We'll use this flat part as a foundation and it'll be easy peasy from there! We have to make sure this bed of sand is completely flat, so that our sand castle has structural integrity!

I think that's as flat as we're going to get it. Now we just need to start getting the sand from over here, and Rowan told me you're building a Sand Castle. I know a place where you can get a nice, big bucket! This bucket is pretty big, right? I bet you could cut out a door and windows, and use it as a house if you wanted. We've got walls and towers and buttresses and things! This is so great! Our castle is really coming together!

Hi ho, pranksters! I hear Rowan needs stencils to decorate the Sand Castle. Let's search for them in the trees! Look at all these sand dollars we found. These designs will make the walls of the Sand Castle look banana-tacular! I tried carving the designs in the stencils, but none of the tools I have makes a nice clean line in the sand.

I know that carving the designs in the sand castle is kind of a pain, but I think I've found a tool that might help.


We found it! This chisel is specially designed to carve fine lines into sand. It should be just what we need! Oh, yes, this new chisel you found is working great. Let's use it to carve designs into the sand castle! It looks just like King Lionheart's magnificent castle! If I squint, I can see King Lionheart on the ramparts! This will just be a cycle..

Let's explore the Cave to our heart's content and clean up at the end. I collect a lot of antiques on my adventures! I wish there was a place where I could sell them. I'm running out of room! Excellent work, my friend!

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I'm going to take a few of these Creepie trinkets I've acquired and see what I can get for them! We've been having a real problem with aphids eating our crops. If we want to attract ladybugs, we should plant flowers. Oh wonderful! The Village is absolutely teeming with ladybugs now.

Those flowers were just what we needed.

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I love warm scones with apple butter. Let's plant an Apple Tree and introduce my favorite breakfast to the Village! Brightwood may be a winter wonderland right now, but that doesn't mean I can't get hungry, you know? Staying sharp isn't all about conditioning the body, you must condition the mind as well. The best way to do that is to read. Oh man! I've been working super hard on lots of projects lately and I'm exhausted! I'm not done though, I need to keep working and stay awake.

I'm awake now, but I know I'm going to crash in a bit and when I do, I'll need somewhere quiet to sleep. Want to know why I'm so tired? I've been working on an art exhibit all week. I'm almost done, I just have a couple more works to finish at the Painting Studio.

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I paint for fun, but it's nice to get noticed! And there's no better place to display your work than at an Art Exhibit. Let's help the Village grow and earn some experience! Completing tasks helps me reach new XP levels. At new levels, I get more Axes to explore the Dark Forest! The Forest is rich with treasure. It's always handy to have an Axe when exploring the Dark Forest. The lambs are so cute with bowl cuts!

Let's make them kettle corn as a reward for behaving so well! I love to sprinkle zee basil in my recipes. Don't you just love ze smell of eet?

Help me grow some, please! Howdy, pardner! I was exploring in the Forest and I think I rustled up somethin' pretty interestin'. C'mon, I'll show ya. You see that, pardner? This is what I was telling you about.

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I reckon it used to be a picnickin' area, or something. So, I was thinkin' you and me could turn this here place into a candy gram creation center. What do y'all think of that? Yeehaw, that's much cleaner!